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EarMaster updated to v7.1 for Windows and macOS


EarMaster has announced that the EarMaster music theory and ear training software on PC and Mac has been updated to v7.1, a free update for EarMaster 7 users. It includes many under-the-hood improvements and new features.

Clap Rhythms Into A Microphone
Microphone input for rhythm clapping exercises has been added to EarMaster 7. Users can now complete their rhythmic sight-reading and rhythm clap-back exercises by clapping their hands in front of a microphone. The software, thanks to its audio detection algorithms, will analyze the recorded claps and give the user a detailed feedback on their performance.

445 New Classical Music Scores
EarMaster's Score Library now includes over 445 scores for Classical music, including works by Bach, Mozart, Haydn, Monteverdi and many more. These scores have been added in collaboration with the French Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM) and their music library project NEUMA.

These scores can be used for any melodic ear training, sight-singing or rhythmic training exercise in EarMaster 7. For example, users can train to sight-sing 4-part Bach chorales by singing their voice while being accompanied by the other 3 voices. The software will analyze the user's sung notes in real-time and give a detailed evaluation of the user's pitch and rhythmic accuracy.

Czech Translation Available
With EarMaster 7.1, EarMaster now also becomes available in Czech, bringing the total number of available languages to 9: English, German, French, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Portuguese, and Czech.

MusicXML Import Now Supports Dynamics
EarMaster now imports and interprets both the general sound dynamics values and the individual note dynamics values included in MusicXML files. This enables a smoother, more musical and nuanced playback of scores.

EarMaster 7.1 is a free update for all EarMaster 7 users on PC and Mac. To obtain it, users must start EarMaster while connected to the internet and follow the on-screen instructions.

EarMaster 5 or EarMaster 6 licensees can also seize the occasion to upgrade to the new version 7.1 for half the price of a regular license: 30€ instead of 59.95€ (including VAT) in the EU or US$ 30 instead of US$ 59.95 (+ tax) in the rest of the world.



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