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FeelYourSound releases two free preset packages with Pop, Latin, and World Music MIDI generators


FeelYourSound has released two new packages for the songwriting tools Sundog Song Studio and ChordPotion.

Here is what they say about the "Tresillo" package:

The Tresillo is one of the most famous and versatile rhythmic patterns in the world.
You can find the Tresillo in hundreds of Latin music songs. The Billboard charts are full of it, too. Ed Sheeran, Drake, Madonna, Shakira, Adele, Enrique Iglesias - they all used this rhythm in one way or the other.

They also released the new free "World Rhythms" package:

This is a collection of evergreen rhythms, ready to be used in your songs.
You have certainly heard many of these rhythms before. They are the backbone of numerous traditional and modern songs. Whether you play them on a piano, bass, or percussion instrument, they will enhance your tracks immediately.

The MIDI generators and chord transformation presets can be used for any genre that benefits from rhythmic chords and basslines.

Price: Free: World Rhythyms / Tresillo. All presets can be used royalty-free for both commercial and private productions.

The packages are another addition to the growing collection of free ChordPotion and Sundog preset packages by FeelYourSound.





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