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FeelYourSound updates HouseEngine to v1.3.0 - adds new features and Tech House presets


FeelYourSound has released version 1.3.0 of its MIDI generator plug-in HouseEngine (VST2, VST3, AU).

HouseEngine is a specialized songwriting tool. It turns any chord progression into expressive piano rhythms, deep basslines, and catchy melodies.
If you don't have your own chord progression yet, HouseEngine can generate one for you. Different progression algorithms make it easy to start a new song from scratch.

The plug-in is suitable for all House styles, but it is a good fit for other genres as well.

HouseEngine comes with a big list of presets for all occasions. The influences reach from evergreen elements like funky piano sections and time-tested basslines as well as generatively modified phrases and melodies.

New in HouseEngine 1.3.0:

  • New presets for Tech House: Over sixty new bassline presets from one bar to four bars. Choose one of these preset families: "tech bass melodious 1 bar", "tech bass melodious 2 bars", "tech bass melodious 4 bars", "tech bass minimalistic 1 bar".
  • VST3 version for Windows and macOS (M1, Intel) available now.
  • No support for Win32 anymore.
  • Better overview of preset classes: Click on the "Go to.." button on the preset page to see all preset family names.
  • Use a preview instrument of your own choice: Click on the settings button on the preset page to switch between automatic sound selection and fixed instruments.
  • Cleaned up preset tagging system.
  • Chord resizing in Chord Editor: Drag the start or end marker of a chord to resize it.
  • UI scaling from 50% to 200%: New settings icon at the upper left of the starting page.
  • MacOS: The installer doesn't need Rosetta 2 to run anymore.
  • The chord progression generator "Lock scale" feature works with more than just the Minor and Major scales now (you can generate Lydian, Dorian, etc. progressions as well now).

Price: $46 / €46 (Standard version) and $368 / €368 (Pro version). The update is free for all customers. The demo is available at feelyoursound.com/houseengine

Jazzy House Sale: Buy HouseEngine and get the new Jazzy Flavors chord progression package for free. Jazzy Flavors contains 50 jazz-inspired chord progressions in three formats (MIDI, Sundog, Engines). The MIDI package costs 15 EUR / $15 when sold separately. The offer is valid until 2023/03/09.

The video below shows what types of Tech House basslines HouseEngine can create (+ step by step tutorial on how you can create everything by hand): YouTube/Q_fbVM1dP4Y



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