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Get 7 UVI effects at $29 / 29€ each through May 12th

May 12, 2024

UVI is offering 7 of their effects for $29 / 29€ each through May 12th, 2024.

From algorithmic reverbs to unique delays, chorus modulations and more, expand your sonic palette with Plate, Sparkverb, Dual Delay X, Phasor, Rotary, Relayer, and Thorus.

The Plugins:

  • Plate - Custom-shop electro-mechanical reverb
    • Physically-modeled electro-mechanical reverb delivers stunning sound and versatility, capable of classic hardware sounds and beyond.
  • Sparkverb - Algorithmic reverb, redefined
    • Algorithmic reverb delivers stunning sound and ease of use, providing both extreme versatility and a light CPU footprint.
  • Dual Delay X - Intuitive delay with a spin
    • A unique approach to spatial delay provides a wide range of charactered sounds with an easy-to-master interface.
  • Phasor - Modern, fully-parametric phaser
    • A modern, feature-rich phaser delivering exceptional sound quality and ease-of-use.
  • Rotary - The evolution of tonal revolution
    • The modern evolution of the classic rotary speaker sound. Vintage tone, deep control and an expansive sonic range useful on any instrument.
  • Relayer - Precision creative delay
    • Precision multi-tap delay with extensive shaping controls, goes from subtle to extreme with elegant style and usability.
  • Thorus - Polyphase modulator
    • The next generation of a classic modulation effect delivers sonic clarity, modern controls and a fast and intuitive interface.


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