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Hard Software releases HardSID 4U

Hard Software

Hard Software has announced the release of HardSID 4U - a combination of a Windows VST plugin and a hardware synthesizer unit based on the legendary SID (8580; 6582; 6581) chip (the heart of the C64 personal computer). The unit can drive up to four SID chips (any versions in any combination).

HardSID 4UVSTi main features:

  • 8000Hz update rate on all SID registers.
  • Wave-in VSTi pin for routing 8000Hz signals to any SID registers. Example: playing another VSTi's sound on the volume register (drum sampler, guitar synth, anything...). No other SID synth can do this.
  • Full automation of all VSTi parameters in your VST host.
  • Advanced modulation for each oscillator (3x for each SID):
    • 8x8 Modulation Matrix with selectable sources, targets and amount (-100% to 100%).
    • 8 Modulation Source Combiners for advanced modulation.
    • 4 LFOs.
    • 4 Envelopes.
    • Table editor for value sequencing at up to 8000Hz speed.
  • Selectable filter curve for driving the famous analog SID filters (logarithmic/linear for the 8580/6581).
  • Up to four VSTi instances can run simultaneously (one for each SID).

HardSID 4UAbout the hardware:

  • Two CPUs and main memory.
  • USB connection (compatible with both 2.0 & 1.1).
  • Isochronous USB endpoint for low-latency audio.
  • Support for up to four SID chips (6581/8580/6582 in any combination).
  • Updateable firmware over USB.


  • Four mono dry outputs for the best sound quality (2x stereo jacks).
  • Mixed output for the easiest usage (1x stereo jack - mono signal).
  • Four mono inputs for filtering external sources with SID filters (2x stereo jacks).
  • USB connector for connecting the unit to a desktop PC or a Notebook.
  • DC-in connector for connecting the power supply (1A@12VDC).

Pricing & Availability

HardSID 4U is available now for €299.



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