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Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v4.8.2

Iced Audio

Iced Audio has updated AudioFinder to v4.8.2.


  • Added the ability to set custom icons and colors to Sidebar folder items and items inside Sidebar folders.
  • Added "Create Slice at Cursor" in the Sample Tool Edit menu.
  • Reduced CPU Usage during playback in the AudioViewer and Sample Tool.
  • Improved the responsiveness of user feedback selection range in the AudioViewer.
  • Refined the Autocrop DSP.
  • Added a preference for date displays to be the international standard.
  • Fixed a bug that required restarted AudioFinder when changing the hardware output device.
  • Fixed a delay when hitting the space bar.
  • Changed Autopilot Playlist and Loop transport controls to not require modifier keys.
  • Power Rename changes, made return key default, serialize now starts at 0001 and no longer adds extra space.
  • Added "Disable Double Clicking Action" to the Tools Setup to disable opening tools when double clicking on a sound file.
  • Keyboard shortcut improvements in the List view. Command-Up Arrow goes back one folder level. Enter key on a folder navigates into it.
  • Fixed arrow keyboard shortcut navigation between the Folder Column Browser and the Sound List View.
  • BPM field now updates to reflect the Pitch Shift/Varispeed keyboard control.
  • Added Normalize option to the Change Gain panel in the "Process" menu.
  • Made room for one extra line in the list view by move the status line.
  • Other bug fixes.


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