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IK Multimedia releases MODO BASS

IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia has announced the release of MODO BASS, the new physical modeling technology virtual instrument that aims to bring "a completely new level of realism and playability to your recordings".

Modo Bass is a customizable physically modeled virtual bass instrument that recreates the sound of the electric bass and how it's played in real time - from all of the physical instrument components, the human technique of how the instrument is played, to the entire sound signal chain with effects and amplifiers.

Modo Bass contains a collection of 12 physically modeled iconic electric basses that span the history of bass sound in recorded music. Every detail of each bass has been meticulously analyzed and modeled to capture their true sonic character. But the sounds available with Modo Bass extend beyond the 12 modeled basses — with the available customization features, users can craft virtually every electric bass sound imaginable, say IK.

Once you've selected your bass, you can customize virtually everything that contributes to the tone profile. Choose from 3 different playing styles — pluck, slap or pick — and control each parameter influencing the tone of the instrument. Modo Bass also lets you customize your strings — choose the number, the construction type and material (round or flat wound), the gauge, action height and even the age. Next, you can choose from 20 available iconic bass pickups that you can swap out, and freely move their physical location under the strings for unlimited playing and tonal variations.

Modo Bass also comes with 7 bass stomp boxes and two classic bass amplifiers derived from IK's flagship software AmpliTube. You'll have full control over the signal path with a configurable 4-slot pedalboard and send that signal to a classic all-tube amplifier and 1x15 cab or the powerhouse solid-state model with a 4x10 cab.

Price: $/€299.99.



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