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SIR Audio Tools releases SpectrumAnalyzer plug-in and updates StandardCLIP to v1.4

SIR Audio Tools

SIR Audio Tools has released SpectrumAnalyzer and updated StandardCLIP to v1.4.

SpectrumAnalyzer is a spectrum analyzer plugin that offers a lot of opportunities to display the spectral content of your audio material, which helps you create a better mix. SpectrumAnalyzer comes in two editions, a free and a full version.

SpectrumAnalyzer has a FFT (Fast-Fourier-Transform) and an analog-style (parallel band-pass IIR filter) engine, both of which can run simultaneously. So you can benefit from the more accurate time resolution of the band-pass filters and the better frequency resolution of the FFT at the same time. Check out the intelligent peak-detection, which automatically detects resonant frequency peaks in the signal. Use the snapshot function to easily save the current state of your analyzer, so you can compare the spectral profile of your current project with other songs. SpectrumAnalyzer also includes a VU-Meter (with peak and RMS measurement) and a Stereo Correlation Meter.

SpectrumAnalyzer features an auxiliary feature that makes it possible to send audio from one SpectrumAnalyzer instance into other instances. This is a quite powerful tool, because you can set up as much aux-sends as you want, and then you can easily switch between them as input source. For example, you have different subgroups and want to see the spectrum of all of them in one SpectrumAnalyzer instance: put a single SpectrumAnalyzer instance on every track and activate the aux-send. Now you can comfortably switch between these aux-channels in your master SpectrumAnalyzer instance. In the full version, you can open up to 4 slots in one plugin instance.

SpectrumAnalyzer has nearly endless adjustment possibilities. To name a few: FFT-Size & Window. Number of Bands/Filter-Steepness and Bandwidth (analog style bandpass analyzer). Time Resolution & Release speed. Optional Peak Hold and intelligent Peak Detection. Spectral RMS with adjustable integration. Mid and Side Signal detection. Adjustable Colors, two different spectral smoothing algorithms. Display Range and Slope/dB. Adjustable GUI size and scaling. Optional gradient and shadow effects.

Price: €38 / $44 incl. VAT. Sign up for the free email newsletter and get a 25% discount coupon. A feature-limited but fully-functional free version is also available.

Changes in StandardCLIP 1.4.004/005:

  • New Output Gain Assistant:
    • Due to the oversampling process, some signal peaks can appear above the clipping level. In order to avoid aliasing, it is important that the signal level never overshoots the ceiling level.
    • This assistant adjusts the output gain fader to the highest possible value, which guarantees that no output sample level will be higher than the ceiling level. Please play the loudest part of your project while the assistant is open.
  • fixed latency compensation when plugin is bypassed in some hosts (incl. Cubase).


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