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Le Sound releases LS Levelator 2

Le Sound

Le Sound has released LS Levelator 2 with the following new features:

  • Clean mouth clicks caused by watering mouth or unstable pronunciation.
  • Dynamic range compression.
  • Loudness and Segment displays for visual investigation.
  • Compare and listen to original/processed waveforms.
  • Supports custom presets.

It provides four processing mode:

  • Peak: This is a traditional normalization w.r.t. the maximum peak level.
  • Static: It normalizes a signal from the average loudness to the target loudness without preserving the loudness dynamics.
  • Dynamic: It allows adjusting the loudness dynamics among the detected segments across all the files in a batch.
  • Bypass: Preprocessing of Clean and Compressor only without applying the normalization.

LS Levelator 2 is priced at 149 €. A trial version is available but limits to a maximum of 5 files per batch processing.



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