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Linux MultiMedia Studio (LMMS) updated to v0.4.14 for Windows and Linux


Linux MultiMedia Studio (LMMS) has been updated to version 0.4.14 for both Windows and Linux. This version is a maintenance release of the 0.4.x series. It comes with some new features (notably regarding VST support) but also fixes various bugs found in previous versions.



  • Added multiple track export feature.
  • MIDIClientRaw: fixed parsing of MIDI events.
  • MIDI: added initial sustain pedal support.
  • RemotePlugin: improved management of shared memory keys.
  • Various stability improvements to RemotePlugin framework.
  • InstrumentTrack: Add support for more MIDI commands.
  • InstrumentTrack: directly forward MIDI events under special circumstances.
  • InstrumentFunctions/ChordCreator: fixed wrong 6add9 chord.
  • InstrumentFunctions: added natural minor scale.


  • ControllerConnectionDialog: fix crash on autodetect when using raw MIDI client.
  • ExportProjectDialog: added option for exporting song as loop.
  • Fixed bugs with magnetic knobs.
  • Piano Roll: fix scale marking algorithm and improve rendering.
  • Piano Roll: updated chord and scale icon based on new note icons.
  • AutomationEditor: show tooltip with exact value.
  • Track: allow smaller height.
  • InstrumentMidiIOView: fix number of digits for MIDI channel spinboxes.
  • InstrumentMidiIOView: added support for fixed output notes.
  • SetupDialog: added option for disabling auto save feature.
  • InstrumentTrack: show FX mixer when double clicking FX line LCD spinbox.
  • SetupDialog: turn off auto save per default.
  • Widgets/Fader: increment/decrement by 1 via scroll wheel.
  • Widgets/Fader: improved usability by not jumping to mouse click position.
  • Widgets/Fader: open input dialog on double click.
  • FxMixerView: fixed minimize/maximize/resize glitches.
  • AutomatableModelView: added context menu action for removing song-global automation.
  • AutomationEditor: fixed drawing of empty automation patterns.
  • fixed openInBBEditor() to reliably show the BB Editor when double clicking B+B track item.
  • Default theme: new graphics for note icons.


  • AudioFileProcessor: fixed crash for samples with zero length.
  • AudioFileProcessor: ergonomic enhancements plugin (interactive wave view).
  • Sf2Player: update track name after loading file.
  • VST effect control window re-design.
  • Added VST automation support.
  • Added VST plugin to host synchronization support.
  • VST Effects: preserve effect name after LMMS project reload.
  • VST Effects: Open each effect only once, when loaded from project file.
  • Vestige: send NoteOff events for all possible MIDI keys.
  • VstPlugin, RemoteVstPlugin: save/restore current program of VST plugin (fixes broken loading of settings with various VST plugins).
  • RemotePlugin, VstPlugin: reorganized and partly rewrote program/preset related functions.
  • RemoteVstPlugin: send updates of current program name if changed.
  • Many more bug fixes and stability improvements to VST support layer.
  • ZynAddSubFX: fixed possible buffer overflow.
  • ZynAddSubFX: when loading a preset set preset name as track name.
  • ZynAddSubFX: include/forward MIDI channel information.
  • ZynAddSubFX: increased polyphony to 128.
  • Added HydrogenImport plugin.

Misc/Build related:

  • Updated Polish localization files.
  • Localizations: renamed ir.* to fa.* for ISO 639 conformance.
  • PianoView: do not include Xlib.h header file any more.
  • ZynAddSubFX: added missing header include for GCC 4.7 compat.
  • make fftw3 a requirement and not optional any more.
  • FlpImport/unrtf: renamed malloc.h to ur_malloc.h for not conflicting with system headers.
  • RemoteVstPlugin: use size_t for loop index to fix compiler warning.
  • DrumSynth: removed unused variable.
  • Various factory presets: fixed track names to reflect actual preset names.
  • German localization: fixed wrong chord name translation.


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