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Live-Styler 11 Released

Norbert Stellberg

Version 11 of Live-Styler is now available.


  • New languages: Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian.
  • New setup entry: Setup => Settings 2 (B) => Velocities (c) => 1 [ ] Swell changed "Overall Trackbar". That means: Has you a swell on your keyboard and this swell sends value $09 (volume) then the swell changes the slider "Overall Trackbar".
  • Keydef.ini for Keycontrol enhanced. Now are 500 entries possible. New entries: 298,299,300,301,302 for loading Scale File, 303 up to 314 for setting Root Note C to H.
  • Scaling: This new tool allows you to make a table with different notes. These notes are playing, when you play on selected manual, a note. I will play Note A and as separate Note I will hear C. You have the possibility to set 12 notes for 12 Rootnotes. This setup you can save. LS has 5 setups on start. You find this new tool on the Harmony button.
  • Live-Styler completed sizable: Setup => Settings 2 (B) => b) any design.
  • New checkbox in Settings 2 (B) b) any designs: 10 Keyboard Horizontal/Vertical. With this checkbox you can switch the Screen keyboard from horizontal to vertical.
  • All extern Live-Styler windows are now magnetic. That means, if Settings 2 (B) b) any designs 6..9 unchecked, the extern windows are magnetic. If a window in the near (15 pixels) from an other Live-Styler window, then this window snaps into the nearest Live-Styler window.
  • New Menu Entry: Show PDF Viewer. New KeyControl Entry 297 :Show PDF Viewer. New Tool: PDF Viewer. In the menu you find a new Entry: PDF Viewer. This is a database with MusicBook PDFs. You can add, delete and manage these entries. A button Open PDF File shows you this MusicBook PDF.
  • Live-Styler and FluidSynth. Live-Styler can now use Fluidsynth, that means you may not have a Creative soundcard but you can load a SF2 file. All in all you can load 4 soundfonts: 1 for drum, 1 for melody, 1 for R1..R8, 1 for MIDI. All Settings, Preset, Soloprest, Fastload Soundfont, Load Soundfont you can use with FluidSynth, too. MidiIO: You can made settings with a doubleclick on all the FluidSynth combobox. All drumsets from a FluidSynth soundfont, are available.
  • You can start the Live-Styler after installation without any setup (besides Midi Input).


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