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26 August 2022 at 1:42pm

This is a superb set of sounds!

OK, I'm a massive Vangelis fan (I even have a limited edition, signed copy of one of his less well-known albums), but this sound-set is excellent whether you know anything about the man or not.

There is wide range of patches here with plenty of variety - rippling arpeggios, pads and strings, basses, evolving, textured soundscapes. Polysynths, monosynths etc.

And they are all:

1) Very, very useable – instantly you can hear how they might fit into a bigger mix alongside other sounds.

2) Extremely well programmed and produced. Rarely in the last 30+ years of music making have I heard such attention to detail regarding every aspect of sound design. In particular, the use of the 3D sound stage is very impressive – such beautifully judged width, depth and height rolled out of my monitors again and again.

3) Very much created with musical performance in mind – in particular, the use of the mod wheel and aftertouch add a lovely ebb and flow to so many presets. These are sounds that just feel 'right' as you play around with them at the keyboard.

4) Simply inspirational! New libraries can often trigger a wave of creativity (that's one reason why we all buy them) but I haven't sketched out this many ideas in one evening for a very long time.

So many sounds have already grabbed my attention, but a couple of serious favourites so far include:

PURE STRINGS – strings recorded in a cathedral layered with the extra depth of an Elka Synth Cello. Mod wheel subtly brightens the sound, whilst gentle aftertouch adds lovely low end richness.

DREAM PIANO IN OPEN PLACE – gently atmospheric and very playable piano layered with ocean waves and strings. Mod wheel can be used to add an extra touch of air and space.

A sound set that it is a very fitting, lovingly created tribute to a truly great composer.

That's it, got to get back to using it all! :).

30 August 2022 at 2:32pm

Thank you so much for this thorough and valuable review. It's very comforting to read that you notice the attention that went into the small details.

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