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MeldaProduction updates MDrummer to v4.03


MeldaProduction has updated MDrummer to version 4.03. This new version adds rhythm generator in-sync preview, oscillators edited using harmonics, MGranular effect, fixes several problems and more.


  • Rhythm generator preview is now in sync with host when playback is enabled.
  • Each oscillator can now also be controlled using harmonics instead of shape.
  • Added signal generator shape menu images, presets and randomizer.
  • Added MGranular effect.
  • Added "double" envelope shape type.
  • Added IR phase invert and left/right delays for MConvolution.
  • Pressing escape or backspace during movement on a slider restores its original value.
  • Mouse wheel now doesn't change selected item in listboxes and treeviews.
  • Added predefined directories and drives in all directory trees.
  • Ctrl+click on a "Presets" button loads a random preset.
  • Delay mode is now "classic" by default.
  • Several graph editors now support snap-to-grid.
  • Added decay parameter to all analyzers.
  • Added transformation "Phase" to all oscillators.
  • Fix: MSynthesizer4NN was crashing in ring-mod and freq-shift modes.
  • Fix: Automatic sample import didn't work when input path contained "\" instead of "/".
  • Fix: Background percussion templates didn't generate anything new.
  • Fix: Mouse wheel didn't move much with high-resolution mouses.
  • Fix: Analyzers didn't work correctly in left + right mode.


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