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MeldaProduction updates MDrummer to v2.14


MeldaProduction has updated MDrummer to v2.14.


  • Multitrack song sequencer - new song structure editor shows all rhythms in a classical track sequencer view including current position locator. Rhythms are synchronized. Additionally you can save the entire MDrummer state including rhythms, structures, effects, MIDI filters and drumset into a file, so it is now extremely easy to use it for realtime performances.
  • MReverb effect is now included in MDrummer, available to use in separate drums effect chain as well as in master effect chain.
  • Master effect chain - you can add effects not only to separate drums, but also to the global master chain. For realtime performances you therefore need no host anymore.
  • Rhythm generator preview - when working with rhythm generator the base rhythm is now played with it, so you can hear the final groove without need to generate the rhythm.
  • Rhythm generator randomizer - by clicking a single button you can make rhythm generator load random settings and essential beat.
  • Output channel association persistence - all drumsets are now even more compatible - when you change output channel mappings in one drumset it will be preserved whenever you load/join/generate another drumset (can be disabled in Drumset editor/Advanced). You can also store your predefined mappings if you are e.g. used to put secondary snare to a certain output channel.
  • Loop recorder improvements - loop recorder now synchronizes with host, so you can record inside MDrummer while the host playback is running. You can also turn off the default automatic replacing behaviour.
  • Help windows are now scrollable and can fit better for various resolutions.
  • Additional loop editor functions moved to "Functions" menu to make it easier to understand.
  • Axes for all plugins such as MEqualizer or MAnalyzer are now truly logarithmic.
  • Improved tracker control accuracy using Ctrl key.
  • Added pan law to MAutopan.
  • Increased visibility of units shown when moving graphs.
  • Painting has been optimized.
  • Fix: Rhythm generator save/load stored tempo and other settings, which should not be saved.
  • Fix: Loop editor quantization could place notes at the end of the loop.
  • Fix: Popup Windows were untouchable when minimized.
  • Fix: Routing in standalone was always attached to the first output audio channel.


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