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Metro v6.3.1.1 pre-release now available

Sagan Technology

Metro v6.3.1.1 pre-release is now available.

New to this version:

  • Support for plug-ins dragged from the plug-ins window to the graphic editor.
  • Rhythm Explorer drum insertion algorithm now respects the currently displayed set of drums in the graphic editor's drum view. If there are no notes in the selection it will try to create a standard drum pattern using only those drums. If there are no drum names displayed it will go ahead and add them to the graphic editors drum display.
  • The about dialog displays the complete version number.
  • Freeze quality sub menu. Freeze quality has three settings ranging from best to fast. The difference in speed at the 'fast' setting can be up to 30 times (or more) faster than Metro 6.3.1. The difference in the quality of the mix when set to 'fast' ranges from none, depending on the plug-in being rendered/mixed, to particular defects in the resultant audio file. Freeze quality is saved with each section since it may be dependent on the plug-ins in use.
  • A Mix quality slider has been added to the Mix/Render dialog. See above about Freeze quality for more information on this setting.


  • A crash that could occur if a soft-synth plug-in has no factory presets.
  • Rhythm Explorer recording now works much better and no longer places data way in the future if the user pressed the record button during preview.
  • Expand subsections can now be undone properly. There was a problem whereby the Metro outputs were not being sufficiently restored.
  • Importing a MIDI file by dragging it to the graphic editor or tracks window could have messed up the tempo (and thereby the audio) of the current document.
  • Minor plug-in support enhancements.
  • Importing of indirectly supported audio types (such as 24 bit for SE or compressed for LX) by dragging to the graphic editor or tracks window would sometimes fail silently after being converted to AIF.
  • Better support for detecting changes in plug-in factory presets and synchronizing the current preset with the plug-in.
  • Miscellaneous display enhancements in the markers window.
  • A problem whereby plugin effect automation being recorded would play back during the recording process. This was making it very difficult to move the mixer fader (or pan knob) assigned to a MIDI controller of a soft-synth plug-in.


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