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ModeAudio Winter Sale: Save 30% Off All Sound Packs

January 9, 2023

ModeAudio has launched their annual Winter Sale, offering 30% off all 270+ royalty-free loops, samples and synth presets packs in their catalogue.

Choose from selections of thumping drum machine samples, smooth electric guitar riffs, soaring analog synth loops, incandescent Ambient texture samples and beyond - don't miss out and get inspired for less today.

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LA Beat LoopsBroadcast: Dub Techno LoopsBroke Beats: Hip Hop Drum LoopsBulb: Analog Drum SamplesBurst SFX: Thor & Combinator PresetsBurst: Drum Machine SamplesCartography: Trip Hop LoopsCassette 808 DrumsCollage: Serum Electronic PresetsColour Field: Piano Texture SamplesConstellation: Massive R&B PresetsContinuum: Sylenth1 Ambient PresetsContour: Downtempo Sylenth1 PresetsCosmic Dust: Hip Hop LoopsCrush: LoFi Drum SamplesCrystalline: Serum Cinematic Dance PresetsDark Art: Industrial Ambient LoopsDark Mass: Ambient Drone SamplesDark Waves: Massive Deep House PresetsDawn House: House Loops & SamplesDaybreak: Chill Trap LoopsDeep Instinct: Sylenth1 House PresetsDeluge: Ambient Texture SamplesDensity: Ambient Samples & DronesDesert Highway: Serum Downtempo PresetsDetonation: SFX SamplesDetroit Chords: Synth Samples & PatchesDiamond Web: Deep House LoopsDisintegrate: Cinematic Ambient LoopsDispersion: Ambient LoopsDissolve: Ambient DronesDistant Echo: Drones & TexturesDistorted Texture Loops: Mini Pack 0019Dive: Techno LoopsDream Days: LoFi Hip Hop LoopsDriven Guitar LoopsDrum Redox: FX Drum SamplesDust Road: Massive Vintage PresetsEclipse: Dark Ambient Samples & DronesEdge of Noise: FM8 SFX PresetsElectric Boogie: Retro Dance LoopsElements: Field RecordingsEscape: Downtempo LoopsExposure: Massive Deep House PresetsFibre Optics: Massive Pad & SFX PresetsFissure: Glitch Drum SamplesFlare: Found Percussion SamplesFlicker: West Coast Hip Hop LoopsFloat: Chillwave Guitars & LoopsFlood: Ambient Drones & SamplesFluorescence: Italo Disco LoopsForeshadow: Ambient Loops & SamplesFoundation: Drum Machine SamplesFracture: Drum & Percussion SamplesFragment: FX Drum SamplesFreeze: Ambient LoopsFresh Air: New Age Ambient LoopsFriction: Cinematic Drones & TexturesFuture Trap: Massive Presets & MIDI LoopsGeometrics: Indie Dance LoopsGlide: Chill Electronic LoopsGlimmer: Analog Arp LoopsGolden Temple: Massive Hip Hop PresetsGrid Racer: Synthwave LoopsGrit & Groove: LoFi Hip Hop 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& SequencesMoon Dance: Serum Ambient PresetsMotion: FX Drum SamplesMultiverse: Retrowave LoopsMystic Rhythm: Electric Guitar LoopsNebula: Massive Pad & Bass PresetsNeon Dream: Massive Retro PresetsNight Light: Minimal Trap LoopsNoise Texture LoopsOpen Spaces: Massive Vintage R&B PresetsOrbiter: Serum Synthwave PresetsOutlook: Electronic Loops & SamplesOutrun: Synthwave LoopsParticulate: Ambient Loops & SFXPiano Texture LoopsPlasma: Granular Texture SamplesPlume: Downtempo LoopsPolychrome Beats: Breaks & Synth LoopsPortal: Ambient Samples & TexturesPost Rock Guitar LoopsPour: Ambient Sounds & SamplesPower Tools: Drum Samples & PatchesPrepared Piano Samples: Mini Pack 0023Prism: Ambient Samples & TexturesProcessed Field Recordings: Mini Pack 0022Pulse: Live Percussion SamplesPunch: Live Hip Hop DrumsPuzzle: Electronic Loops & SamplesRaw Material: Found Percussion SamplesRaw Trap: Loops & SamplesRedshift: Cosmic Synth LoopsReflect: Ambient LoopsRelic: Ambient LoopsRemnant: Deep Ambient 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BeatsSuperposition: Cinematic Loops & SamplesSurface Tension: Massive Drone PresetsSurge: Cinematic Ambient SamplesSurveillance: Cinematic Dance LoopsSuspense: Dark Cinematic LoopsSway: Hip Hop Loops & SamplesSymmetry: Ambient Loops & RhythmsSynthetica: Synthwave Soundtrack LoopsTide: Serum Ambient PresetsTouch: Serum Texture PresetsToybox: Found Percussion SamplesTrailblaze: Deep Trap LoopsTrap Kingdom: Loops & Samples

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