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NAMM 2010Mu Technologies releases Mu Voice 1.3

Mu Technologies

Mu Technologies has announced that version 1.3 of Mu Voice is available now - a free update for registered users. The motto of this release is: "More Control - More Fun" and it features innovative and creative ways to control the plug-in from any MIDI controller.

For Studio: Chord recognition, preset selection and chord scheme navigation from a MIDI keyboard were already implemented in 1.2. The new release features:

  • MIDI-2-Pitch: The pitch of the lead voice can be tuned to a MIDI note (red keys). The tuning effects also the harmonies.
  • MIDI-2-Harmony: Several harmony channels can be put to MIDI mode. This means that when a note is played (orange keys), it is assigned to one of the MIDI mode channels. This features allows you to create harmonies just by routing MIDI notes to the plug-in.
  • (Delta)Pitch-2-Parameter: This is an advanced feature that allows parameters to follow the pitch or the interval between the lead and the harmony. This feature is important for getting a natural sound.

For Live: Mu Technologies ambition is to create a real-time vocal/instrument processor that could be controlled entirely from hardware interfaces. Therefore it supports:

  • Control Change Events: Any MIDI controller can be mapped to any set of Mu Voice parameters. This requires a very simple set of actions; touching a controller, selecting a number of parameters, and editing the parameter curves.
  • Program Change Events: These events are typically sent when a synth bank is changed or when a foot switch is pressed. Triggering a program change 10, will apply the chord and preset at the tenth position in the chord scheme.
  • Playlists: Mu Voice XML files for different songs can be grouped in playlists. Files are added just by dropping them on the playlist.
  • MIDI Assignable Navigation Controls: The MIDI panel has six programmable buttons. The first two are used to move forward and backward through the chord scheme. The second two are used todo the same but by using anchor points. The final two are to go to the next song in he playlist.

So Easy: A lot of work was done for improving the ease of use:

  • Windows and Mac Installers make sure that all components are in the right place.
  • Host integration is improved significantly. The XML project files are now linked to your recording session. Loading and saving your project will automatically load and save your Mu Voice XML file.


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