MusicDevelopments has updated RapidComposer to v3.31. This maintenance update includes small improvements and bug fixes.

Changes since the previous version:

  • Key-switch articulations send a 'Note Off' event after 'Note On'.
  • Dragging the rubber-box selection at the left and right sides will scroll the track horizontally.
  • Loop mode implemented for chord progression preview.
  • The currently played chord is highlighted during chord progression preview.
  • Toggling note selection in the Phrase Editor is now Ctrl-click instead of Shift-click.
  • It is possible to select out-of-scale chords on Circle Of Fifths.
  • "Invert vertical scrolling direction" works over the tracks, not just over the keyboard.
  • Phrase selection is possible by clicking on its name.
  • Fixed: phrase drop position was imprecise by a few pixels.
  • Fixed: when the track was muted, phrase preview cannot be started more than once.
  • Fixed: editing notes during playback in the phrase editor reset 'note on' velocities.
  • Fix for missing notes when importing MIDI files in other than Phrase Editing mode.
  • Fix for a possible crash when changing the custom phrases or rhythms location while loading them.
  • Fixes in chord progression preview.
  • [VST] Fix for muted notes when tempo changes in host during playback.
  • [Windows] Fix for garbled audio when the FL Studio ASIO driver was used.


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