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Filter Friend 2

Filter Friend 2
Filter Friend 2
What is it?
Operating System Availability
Operating System Latest Version
System Requirements
Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1 / 8 with Visual C++ Redistributable Package
Intel Core i3 or AMD multi-core processor (Intel Core i5 or faster recommended)
1366 x 768 display resolution (1920 x 1080 or higher recommended)
1 GB RAM (4 GB or more recommended)
1 GB free HD space
A host application that is compatible with (64-bit) VST3
Internet connection required during installation
System Requirements
macOS Catalina 10.15, macOS Big Sur 11.0, macOS Monterey 12.0.1, macOS Ventura 13.0, macOS Sonoma 14.0 or higher
1 GB free HD space
A host application that is compatible with (64-bit) Audio Units or VST3
Intel x86-64 and native Apple Silicon (ARM) compatible
Internet connection required during installation
License & Installation Method
Instant (Serial Number)
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Filter Friend 2

Are you ready to take your music to the next level? Introducing Filter Friend 2, engineered to provide you with unmatched dominion over your filtering experience. Brace yourself to shape, and transform your sound like never before!

A Universe of Filter Engines and Types:

Dive into a world of exploration with Filter Friend 2. We've packed this powerhouse with an array of filter engines, each paired with an arsenal of filter types. Choose from Ladder, Diode, Sallen Key, or State Variable filters, and explore a mind-blowing selection of 25 powerful filter types. From the warm embrace of Low Pass to the sharp edge of Notch, the sonic palette is yours to command.

Customize Your Signal Chain:

Filter Friend 2 puts the power in your hands. Tailor your signal chain to perfection by independently placing EQ and Distortion effects before or after your chosen filters. Craft your own unique sonic journey, giving your music an identity that's all its own.

Tame Peaks with Precision:

We understand that filters and distortion can be a wild ride. That's why Filter Friend 2 introduces a transparent Limiter to keep your sound in check. With a single click, your output is capped at 0dB, giving you the confidence to explore the full range of possibilities without fear of unwanted volume spikes.

Automate with Precision:

Revolutionize your music with advanced automation options. Choose from five unique waveforms – Sine, Saw, Triangle, Pulse, or Ramp – and control their strength with the Depth knob. With the groundbreaking Position (Pos.) option, your filter effects sync effortlessly with your DAW's playhead, creating a harmonious blend of timing and rhythm.

Set Your Timing Free:

Filter Friend 2 embraces flexibility. Take charge of waveform filter effect timing in FREE mode, allowing manual adjustments for a truly personalized touch. The rate knob's range adapts seamlessly to your selected tempo, ensuring visual support and perfect synchronization.

Intuitive Interface: No Manual Required:

Navigating Filter Friend 2 is a breeze. Our interface is designed to be self-explanatory, offering on-the-fly explanations when hovering over options. Seamlessly explore all the plugin's capabilities and bring your creative vision to life with ease.

Shape Your Sound with Filter Friend 2:

Don't miss your chance to redefine your music production journey. Filter Friend 2 empowers you to create, experiment, and innovate, all while offering a user-friendly interface that puts you in control. Transform your sound, unlock your potential, and make your mark with Filter Friend 2 today.

Ready to Transform Your Sound? Get Filter Friend 2 Now!

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