Nembrini Audio Eddie Kramer Plugin Deals

March 31, 2020
Nembrini Audio

Nembrini Audio has announced some new bundle deals on its Eddie Kramer Plugins.

F-Audio Eddie Kramer Phazevibe Bundle 3 Modes Phaser Wha Vibe (Stomp + Rack) - $39:

  • Mode 1 - Classic Vintage Phaser: The big red speed knob allows the user to range from a classic phaser through a vibrato and even a leslie-ish effect.
  • Mode 2 - Phase-Wha: A phaser with a hint of wha-wha when used on low speed that become auto-wha as you increase the speed up to a very unique vibrato.
  • Mode 3 - Phase-Univibe: A phaser with a hint of univibe when used on low speed that become an Hendrix Uni-Vibe sound as you increase the speed. This mode is warm and can offer a beautiful and smooth vibrato.

F-Audio Eddie Kramer Edstortion Bundle 3 Modes Distortion (Stomp + Rack) - $39

F-Audio Eddie Kramer Edstortion allows you to achieve a wide spectrum of tones from heavy compressed distortion to very subtle crunch with great dynamic. Those classic tones will add presence, space, flavor and vibe to any production in any style of music from Rock to Hip-hop and dance.

F-Audio Echobandit Bundle Analog Tape Echo Delay (Stomp + Rack) - $29

F-Audio Echobandit covers a wide range of sounds from classic slap back to experimental modern long distorted sounds. It can be warm and smooth or aggressive and punchy to cover all your possible soundscapes needs.



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