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Nembrini Audio was born from the experience of Igor Nembrini, who has been involved in the creation of the most famous guitar amp plugins on the market for more than ten years.

Our emulations start from the exact digital reproduction of the analog circuits but are then finely tuned by ear to obtain maximum fidelity to the original sound.

Nembrini Audio is specialized in digital reproduction of analog saturation circuits.

The dynamic behavior of each individual component is carefully modeled and tuned by ear to always achieve the most musical and creamy saturation in the digital world.

Nembrini Audio does not produce musical softwares but musical instruments suitable for every modern musician in search of uncompromising quality.

Our goal are products that sound well with any setting and situation to let the creativity of the musicians, producers and mixing engineer flow.

Products by Nembrini Audio

Latest reviews of Nembrini Audio products

NA JMP Pro Guitar Amplifier
Reviewed By Faydit
August 10th, 2022

In my opinion the by far best and most authentically sounding and behaving simulation of this legendary preamp.

A lot of additional features make this plugin even more versatile than the real unit. In fact you get a complete, well equipped rack tube amp system plus a lot of good sounding and working effects.

Can be used as a preamp alone, with the included power amp and cabinet section as a complete (rack) tube amp or also in combination with another power amp.

Beautiful, highly dynamically reacting British clean to crunch tones, authentic, typical British overdrive to high-gain tones with a very flexible tone control and a lot more.

I just have been considering to buy the real preamp, but this plugin offers even an additional complete professional rack for much less money and sounds, behaves and reacts - in my opinion - exactly like the real device, so the decision was easy.

A must have for every Marshall sounds fan, I think, but not only for them.

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The Nembrini plugin version of this legendary amp the first one, which gave me - after having learned how to tame this "beast" and adjust it properly - a convincing impression, why an ODS really is so legendary.

Some sort of Blackface on Steroids, I would say.

After having tested the plugin, I first was a little disappointed, until I found out that this plugin is not the sort of "You press the button(s), we do the rest!" plugin, some controls need to be adjusted properly, but if you do it, you can get a lot of really excellent, also very differently sounding tones.

My PAF-Humbuckers obviously already had been too hot for the default setting, so I had to reduce Input and Output a lot, so that the signal levels did not start to distort. Concerning these controls here less definitely seems to be more, but afterwards the "sonic sun" was starting to rise.

The basic tones are very American / Fender voiced, nice, very transparent, open, fresh, dynamically reacting tones with really a lot of treble, but also enough mids and bass, if you need them.

I personally found a proper treble adjustment essential for really good tones, as the amp can offer more treble reserves than you most probably will ever need. Also the microphone, speaker, cabinet selection affects the tone - in my impression - much more than usual.

The Overdrive itself sounds nicely harmonious, American voiced, but - depending on the individual gain and tone settings you can change this basic character also to a more dirty, rougher sounding one, even more if you deactivate the tone stack. Nevertheless you will not completely reach this typical British brutality and aggressive tone, also because of the existing mid-scoop, but you can come a little closer.

What makes the difference to a lot of other amps are the incredibly intense, vivid harmonics, which here have their own, unique character, different to the harmonics from modern high-gain amps or Marshalls, the overdrive is a typical, but intensely beefed up vintage overdrive with a sweet and at the same time really biting tone, intense treble and a lot of sustain, but without ever sounding too flat or over-compressed, quite the opposite.

The clean sounds are equally good (of course), also very flexible adjustable, the Clean channel alone is capable of producing a nice vintage overdrive, so you also can not only adjust a good clean but also alternatively an excellent crunchy rhythm sound and a more intense overdrive lead sound and do the rest with guitar volume. The possible combinations of Volume (first gain stage) and Lead (second gain stage) allow a lot of different tones.

Certainly not the perfect amp for modern Metal or really heavy stuff, but most probably for almost everything else. For me the typical SRV, Carlton, Ritenour, Ford, Sayce tone, which even alone sounds great, without any additional pedals or reverb.

Interesting speaker/cabinet selection. For me the 15" Faceman / JBL became the best choice, buat also the Vox / Fane combinations sounds very good, only completely different. If using external IR's, I found that alnico Creams or Rubys as well as Creambacks do a good job, but also an ET65 or ET90 harmonize well with this amp / plugin, maybe even better than Celestions, as they add some nice, decent compression and sweeten treble a little.

For me personally most probably the most convincingly sounding and working simulation of this legendary amp.

But - it needs more proper adjustment, especially concerning Treble, Presence, Input and Output, as much as the right cabinet/speaker/microphone combination, to find the really great sounding sweet spots.

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I usually only use tape echoes as I do not like the tones of modern delay units very much.

So I was very positively surprised about the tones which this delay is capable of. All the different features not only allow good, flexible modern delay sounds but also really convincing vintage delay to echo tones, which you additionally can refine with Grit or Smear, so I was capable of recreating some nice vintage echoes with the advantage of some more additional features like the modulation, ducking and filter sections, if necessary.

The only things I miss are more detailed informations about the different patterns of the pattern control in the manual.

Would be helpful in maybe the next upgrade.

Nevertheless one of the most flexible and best sounding delays, which I know. Highly recommmended.

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To be honest, I've never really been a big Fender amp tone fan, apart from some small Tweed amps, my sonic homebase rather is Vox, Hiwatt, Marshall Plexi, Orange. So I did not expect much from this release but nevertheless gave it a chance and tried the demo version.

I have been very surprised. Very positively. Of course you can get the typical, good Fender clean sounds, but where this amp really shines are the really, really great sounding crunch and overdrive tones, even at comparably low volume.

On the one hand typical Fender tones, harmonious, with good sustain, on the other hand also with some - almost similar to a Plexi - sonic qualities, like very good harmonics reproduction, a lot of bite and some nice dirt, good reaction to attack and in general a very authentic, naturally sounding and reacting vintage tube amp tone, which you hardly get in this quality from modern multi channel high gain amps.

The JBL 15" cabinet seems to be an excellent choice for authentic Fender tones, for a beefier, fuller bodied sound the 412 Greenback but also the VHT P50E cabinets do a great job, the Jensen Tweed also works well here, while the V30 cabinets are not my favorites with this amp.

The two channels sound very different, what I miss a little, is a linking option, but this you can easily create by running two instances of the plugin in parallel if you want to blend both channels, but also the single channels alone sound convincingly enough.

Really clean but also high gain sounds usually sound comparably good from most amp simulation plugins, but especially the simulation and reproduction of typical vintage crunch and tube overdrive tones like the ones here seems to be much more difficult in the world of digital plugins. Concerning this Mr. Nembrini really does an outstandingly great job, which this new simulation proves once again.

I have also tested the plugin with some pedals in front, SD-1 and Klon Centaur for example sound quite good, if you look for even some more gain, but the two pedals, which I really like in front is a RAT or an OCD. With both pedals this plugin gets a nice, more aggressive, heavier, but still very vivid, organic, slightly more British voiced tone, which you in a blind test hardly identified as a typical Fender tone and with which you easily can even play Hard Rock or even some more modern, much heavier stuff flawlessly.

Other pedals, like tape echo, spring reverb, Univibe, tremolo, ... of course also work well with these amp tones.

Only a few controls, but a lot of really great tones, which are simply, but effectively adjustable.

Great all round amp (simulation) in my opinion, independent from any musical style or genre and for me the best sounding and also most flexible Fender amp simulation, which I have heard up to now.

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Long overdue, that this legendary amp gets a good simulation, as it has a very special, very own sound, which, despite of some, also existing similarities, rather differs more from a typical vintage Vox, Marshall or Orange. From modern high-gain amps anyway completely.

Some sort of very unique clean to semi-clean British sound, which you hardly can get out of modern multi-channel-amps as little as out of any pedals. Think of the typical The Who or Pink Floyd sound, cleaner than a Plexi, but with good dynamics, excellent harmonics and, if needed, a lot of sustain due to the vintage power amp saturation.

For me personally these British clean to decent, transparent overdrive tones always sounded very fascinating and I always preferred them over any typical American clean to semi-clean tones.

Typical Nembrini quality, sonically as good and convincing as the Voice DC30 and the Mrh 159.

The P50E speakers seem to do a good job, but I personally would have preferred a cabinet with some - in my opinion - more authentic Fane Purplebacks instead. Or alternatively a cabinet with some Goodmans or Simms Watts speakers. But ok, these IR's you can easily get somewhere else and load them by yourself.

Great work, thank you.

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NA Black Distortion
October 2nd, 2021


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NA Black Distortion
Reviewed By Faydit
October 1st, 2021

By far the most naturally sounding RAT simulation, which I've heard up to now. Works great in front of vintage amps, but also works great to beef up modern amps, in my opinion with sonically better results than you can get with a Tube Screamer (simulation).

The same great sonic quality as the Nembrini Clon Minotaur, which is one of my favorite overdrive pedal simulations up to now. Even better, that Nembrini Audio offers so good sounding pedals for free.

An OCD or maybe also a COT50, SHO or Zendrive II simulation also would be fine in this quality.

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2 in 1!

For me the first convincingly sounding, reacting and behaving Plexi simulation, which I've heard within the last 22 years.

In fact this plugin are 2 amps in one, a regular 1959 Super Lead and a EVH modded Brown Sound Plexi, which is some sort of beefed up Plexi with more, slightly fatter punch, gain and - most important - even inceased harmonics reproduction. Also important for this sound is the Variac, which reduces power voltage and therefore also internal voltage. The result is more saturation but less headroom.

One of the advantages of the EVH mod for me is, that the modded SLP still sounds like a real Plexi and not already like a JCM800, which happens with some other mods.

The 6CA7 power amp tubes sound - more or less - like a hybrid between an EL34 and an 6L6, which means, that this amp on the one hand definitely sounds like a (very good) Plexi but also has some more, very musically sounding upper mid and treble transparency as well as a more intense bass than you might expect from a typical EL34 Plexi. Even a little bit similar to a modded Bassman or JTM45, so the Standard voicing is - in my opinion - the perfect amp for Classic Blues Rock to Hard Rock. The Brown Sound Mod also adds some mids and is the better choice for heavier, fuller bodied late 70's, early 80's tube overdrive tones, although also the Brown Sound Mod doesn't change the amp to a modern high-gain amp.

The special G12M / D120 cabinet is an interesting thing, especially for the Brown Sound mod, but I personally also would have liked an additional G12M or G12H 412 cabinet for the standard amp, maybe instead of the Soldano or of one of the V30 cabinets. On the other hand you anyway can load external cabinet IR's and even mix them, so this is not really a big disadvantage.

One thing I've noticed is that - especially in Standard mode - this plugin reacts much more sensitive to guitar, pickups, pick attack than most other amp simulations, but also to the used cabinet IR's. Very similar to the real amp, but without it's wall breaking loudness.

Especially the linked channels allow a very intense control over gain and tone, but therefore not all possible settings automatically sound right or great, also because this amp (simulation) reacts very interactively with all the rest of the used gear. On the other hand you have an excellent control over bass, mid, treble and - of course - gain.

So once you have learned how to tame and adjust this sonic beast properly, this plugin can give you these absolutely awesome, outstanding, iconic tones, which you hardly will get from any other amp (simulation) and which we all know from a lot of legendary recordings, extremely well.

My personal - in this quality long overdue - guitar plugin of the year! (Or rather of the decade?;-)).

Thank you very much, Mr. Nembrini.

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