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Nikolozi updates Mela to v1.9


Nikolozi has updated Mela to version 1.9 for iOS.


  • Oscillators can now be made free running by preventing them to retrigger on key press. Simply toggle on the Free parameter switch.
  • Added the ability to modulate Mod Matrix Intensity parameters in both Mela and Mela FX audio units.
  • Improved the Key source behaviour. Instead of generating only positive values relative to the C-2 key, Mela now produces a bipolar signal relative to C3. This means, when playing C3 note there will be no modulation applied to the target.
  • The factory presets have been updated to account for the above change. You may need to adjust your own presets as well, in case they sound a bit different because of the new Key source behaviour.
  • Improved how LFOs work internally: including the code efficiency as well as how they sync with the host.
  • Improved LFO waveform generation algorithms: including fixing the square waveforms not generating accurately.
  • Added smoothing to Mod Wheel, Aftertouch and Pitch Bend. This prevents any zipper sounds when they are used as modulation sources.
  • An error dialog will be presented when trying to load a preset that was created using a newer version of Mela.
  • An error dialog will be presented when trying to load a corrupted preset file.
  • Improved Mela FX's Default and Init presets.
  • Fixed iOS 14 compatibility issues.
  • Updated User Guide.

Download the update from the App Store.




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