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Nikolozi updates Mela to v2.4 - Improved Text Input, Settings UI Rewrite, Improved UI State Restoration


Nikolozi has updated Mela, a virtual analog synthesizer and a multi-effects module for iOS, to version 2.4.


Text Input:

  • Renamed the "Number Pad" menu item to "Enter Value", as the user is now able to enter values using either the Apple Pencil or a hardware keyboard.
  • The text input, for naming presets or entering decimal values for parameters, now has a new mode. If a hardware keyboard is connected to the iPad or the Apple Pencil is used for text entry, the text field dialog appears in the middle of the screen. Otherwise, the text field will appear above the virtual typing keyboard, as before.
  • Improved the look of the Text Input UI.
  • Disabled the Rename button when a preset with the same name already exists.
  • Fixed a bug where pressing the Enter button on the virtual keyboard didn't do anything.


  • Settings view has been fully rewritten and has a refreshed look.
  • Accessing settings inside the Mela or Mela FX audio unit no longer launches the Mela app.
  • You can change the color theme or email feedback from within the audio units' interface.
  • Added a TestFlight link for those users who want to actively participate in providing feedback during the Mela development process.

User Interface State:

  • Selected module tabs will now be stored as part of the preset. Preselect the module tabs that you think are the most relevant for the preset before saving it.
  • Added document UI state restoration. When the host saves the audio units' states as part of a session, the visibility states of the Mela views will also be stored.
  • The User Guide view now retains the document position. So, now you can easily dismiss and present it multiple times, as you explore Mela and not worry about having to find the same section again in the user guide.
  • When the Preset Browser loads, it preselects the group that was last used.


  • Deleting groups and preset menu items now have a destructive action appearance.
  • To prevent accidental data loss, added a confirmation dialog when deleting a preset or group.
  • Fixed various bugs associated with deleting a preset group.
  • Updated the user guide.
  • Added new presets.

Download the update from the App Store.



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