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Orchestral Tools releases Vivid Keys - Studio Grand Piano for SINE Player

Orchestral Tools

Orchestral Tools has announced the release of Vivid Keys by Organic Samples, a versatile grand piano with a warm, natural sound that is designed to fit easily into a broad range of styles and genres. Here's what they say:

The instrument is intended to be a go-to piano for the widest possible range of styles. Sampled in a dry room using close mics with the soft pedal on, Vivid Keys has an upfront quality and round tone. Three distinct mixes provide fast starting points for composers, producers, and other creators.

Vivid Keys captures the instantly-recognizable sound of a Yamaha C3 grand piano, recorded in the dry acoustic environment at T-REX Classics studios in Berlin. Neumann TLM 103 mics were placed close to the strings to maximize the piano's direct sound. The use of the soft pedal for all samples augments the instrument's warmth.

The library is designed for expressive playability, offering numerous dynamic layers and transitions to enable smooth playing from pianissimo to mezzo-forte. Extensive sampling of key releases and mechanical noises provides enhanced realism.

Vivid Keys features three ready-to-go mixes that let users start creating right away. The natural mix provides a present, upfront sound while offering a touch of optional reverb. The cinematic mix builds on the softer dynamics of the raw piano, adding a large, shimmering pad. And the tight pop mix uses dynamic compression to deliver the punch for cutting through any production.

Vivid Keys is the latest addition to the Organic Samples series, developed in collaboration with composer Maxime Luft to produce easy-to-use sample libraries that facilitate creative expression.

Intro Price: €59+ VAT until November 19, 2020, through the Orchestral Tools website (Reg. €79 + VAT).



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