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Oscillicious updates BeatCleaver to v1.2.1


Oscillicious Audio Labs has released a bug-fix update to the BeatCleaver, beat slicing tool for Windows and Mac OS X.

This new release focuses on improving compatibility with non-Latin file-names and includes various other improvements. The full list of changes includes:

  • Important compatibility improvements with files containing non-Roman characters. If the user is slicing files with non-ASCII titles or work with non-Western music, they'll want to update.
  • Fixed a related bug in open source library libaudiodecoder
  • Added the currently open file's name to the window title.
  • Fixed a crash when moving a slice's end point after playing.
  • Minor improvements to the registration process.
  • Fixed a settings saving bug on Mac OS X.
  • All Windows packages are now certified and signed.

Registered users can download this free update by clicking the download link in their original registration email again or by visiting the Oscillicious downloads page.

Price: $15, 12 €, or £10 exclusively from the Oscillicious Online Shop. An updated free trial version is available for download from the BeatCleaver site.



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