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Physical Music releases Time Freezer (stand-alone)

Physical Music

Physical Music has released Time Freezer, and application that allows you to "freeze a moment of audio".

Time Freezer is basically a sample based synthesizer. You can load waves of up to 10 minutes of audio and then browse "live" using the cursor to hear immediately the frozen sound of the selected region. It is possible to record all actions.


  • Select and import wave form.
  • Mute sound out.
  • Record output to disc (this will be done before going to the sound output).
  • Maximize (without distortion).
  • Export a "snapshot" to a perfect looping wave file.
  • Region point browser (go back and forth in the source wave).
  • Region size (select how much of the original is taken for analyzing; use it also as wobble to straight effect).
  • Transpose ± 3 halftones with all micro intervals.
  • Filter quality and filter center frequency (similar to conventional band pass filter but other different algorithm).
  • Step-less denoiser.
  • Modulator, which recalculates new version of a point near from selected; amplitude can be set.
  • Cross fade time, 0.01 - 3.00 seconds; this fade time affects not only the change from one sample to the other, but also sound to silence (fade out on mute), silence to sound (fade in), changes of other parameters.

NOTE: This first release costs US$69 and is available for Windows as a stand alone application only. However, a VST plug-in version is being developed for both Windows and Mac OS X. More info when we get it.

A demo version of the stand alone application is available with the following limitations: uses fixed preset source samples (included) to demonstrate the possible effects.



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