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Polac VST Loader for Buzz updated to v1.1b


The Polac VST loaders for Buzz have been updated to v1.1b, here's what's new:
  • Support for Multi-timbral VST's.
  • Support for multi-out VST's.
  • Support for multi-in VST's.
  • Support for WaveShell VST's.
  • Support for midi-generating VST's.
  • 9 global commands, 14 track commands.
  • Link VST params to midi cc, pitchbend, aftertouch.
  • Several global and track commands integrated.
  • Now up to 128 VST parameters automatable.
  • Auto learn mode for VST parameters/midi cc's.
  • Touchfader automation mode.
  • Several midi in modes.
  • Improved plugin scanning.
  • Virtual keyboard: Play notes via pc keyboard.
  • Loader startup settings configurable in "Preferences...".
  • Parameter fine tuning in parameter list.
  • Up to 128 LFOs per loader instance to control midi cc/VST params.
  • Track selector: mark tracks for record, mute tracks etc.
  • Improved compatibility.
  • Velocity sensitivity/min/max.
  • Preset factory: randomise/morph/breed patches.
  • VST menu with sub menus maintaining the VST directory structure, with optional separators and multi-columns.
  • Record/quantisation part completely rewritten. Now real note quantisation is possible instead of the tick quantisation.
  • Additional non-destructive tick quantize implemented as global command.
  • Humanize velocity, delay.
  • Velocity zones, key zones.
  • Patch Morphing.
  • Several bugfixes.


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