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Quiet Art releases Wave Rider 2

Quiet Art

Quiet Art has announced that after almost two years since its initial release, Wave Rider version 2.0 is now available.

waverider2.jpgThe biggest change to Wave Rider is the addition to the algorithm. Now, you are able select averaging mode during Ride function which puts Wave Rider into a 500ms look ahead mode. The resulting gain riding is much subtler and smoother than the classic mode. Classic mode is also smoothed with some adjustments.

The other addition is to the Ducking and Parking modes. Now there are controls for variable attack and release times for Ducking, and release time for Parking mode. Ducking mode is also improved with ducking range ability to go from 0 db.

Other changes that don't change the way Wave Rider functions are, the UI overhaul, channel names update, new default output level (-20dbfs), and the removal of automatable parameters.

Wave Rider is now listed under Dynamic type in the Pro Tools plugin listing.

Quiet Art has also lifted the time-limited nature of the trial version. Instead, this fully functional version will have momentary interruptions. This crippling does not hinder the results you can achieve with Wave Rider, it's only a minor annoyance.

The upgrade price is $25 for licensed users. Full price is $129.

Wave Rider is an RTAS plugin that works on Mac OSX 10.4, 10.5, and 10.6 systems. Compatible with all Pro Tools versions 7, 8, 9 and up.

The product site automaticmixing.com has also had a facelift as well as new content such as tutorial videos and testimonials.



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