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Rayzoon releases Jamstix v1.02C (with LiveLoops)

Rayzoon Technologies

Rayzoon Technologies has updated Jamstix to v1.0.2C.

The most important enhancement is the addition of "LiveLoops", which allows on-the-fly switching between song sections for live performers as well as general-purpose looping inside of Jamstix. LiveLoops allows stage use of Jamstix for live performers that need a structured song environment in which they can extend repetition of certain parts as well as change the order of parts reliably and easily using foot or MIDI controllers. Jamstix plays live loops in a loop until a trigger for the next loop is pressed. It will then complete the current loop, play a fill and move to the triggered loop.

Other Enhancements:

  • Added velocity tracking options. Velocity can now be controlled or biased by a MIDI CC.
  • Added 'return to zero' button to the transport controls.
  • 'Change Cymbal' checkbox now also triggers crash cymbal on 1st beat after rhythm change (limited to once every 4 bars).
  • Percussion MIDI-Out channel can now be set via ini file (Percussion in 'MIDI Out Channels' section).
  • Default ambience can now be controlled via 'DefaultAmbience' parameter in ini file (0..100).
  • Velocity slider now changes color when crossing the 'low' threshold (snare-to-sidestick).
  • Current bar in arranger is now marked with green backdrop for better visibility.
  • Added "Big Time" window for better visibility of key data during live performances.
  • During preview the velocity is now set to 100%.
  • Added 'MIDI-Out Only' checkbox to mappings tab. If the box is checked, Jamstix will not load any VSTi nor will it load internal samples when using LOAD. This allows you to load a mapping but use it with a VSTi loaded outside of Jamstix that gets triggered by Jamstix via MIDI-out only.
  • Modified the song pointer positioning logic to make it compatible with n-Track. Furthermore, synching should now be faster and tighter in all hosts.
  • Added ability to load and save presets and banks from the VSTi configuration window.
  • Added check mark to VSTi preset menu to show currently selected preset.
  • Added (R)eset button to sample box in mappings tab to simplify creating 'no sound' versions of mappings for MIDI-out usage instead of subhosting.
  • Added free-hand audio-in velocity mapping curve to mappings tab. This allows fine-tuning the way the velocity will adjust to audio-in volume. You can now keep your jam in the sweet spot by leveling the mid-velocities.
  • Lowered CPU usage by improved voice reduction logic of the internal sound engine.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed spacebar not working in Cubase after Jamstix tab switch until focus goes back to Cubase.
  • Disables tooltips when running inside of Cakewalk VST wrapper to fix crashes for some users.
  • Fixed problem editing rhythm names in n-Track.
  • Fixed smoothing control recall problem.
  • Fixed crashes when using Waves 5.0, Cubase SX and Jamstix for some users.
  • Fixed arranger repaint issues in some hosts (grey areas).
  • Fixed MIDI export logic, which would send note-off after note-on with zero time delta. This would lead to division-by-zero errors in some hosts trying to play the MIDI file.
  • Fixed scaling problems on machines with odd monitor DPI or font settings.
  • Fixed hard-left pan issue in n-Track by giving Jamstix two audio inputs.
  • Fixed problem with 'stuck' silencer accent command leading to sudden 'sparse sound' in free jam for some users.


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