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Rayzoon releases Jamstix v2.1

Rayzoon Technologies

Rayzoon has released version 2.1 of Jamstix.


  • Greatly improved stability.
  • The interface is now skinnable and comes with a new skin of higher contrast.
  • Added 'Jamstix Classic' style, which is reminiscent of the Jamstix 1 Rhythm Tab for those who loved programming beats with it.
  • Added 'Add' option to brain menu, which allows adding snare ghosts, several percussion elements and a groove importer to any style.
  • Added 'Animal' drummer model.
  • MIDI output now works properly with Ableton Live.
  • MIDI Import can now handle 'Addictive Drums' MIDI files.
  • MIDI Import can now handle GrooveMonkee MIDI files.
  • MIDI Import can now handle time signatures other than 4/4.
  • Adds missing drumstick samples.
  • Adds additional groovemaps by Brad Bush.
  • Added separate power variation controls for snare and hihat/ride to the feel section of the player models.
  • Adds BFD kits for Groups, All and Ultra DLLs.
  • Added 'MIDI Play In Jam' option to be able to trigger drum sounds even in jam mode.
  • Added 'MIDI Output' option to toggle MIDI output to host.
  • Added VST automation parameters 'Reduction' and 'Timing'.
  • Added loaded quickstart song name to song sheet (new skins only).
  • Added 'Extract Part' to bar menu to make a new part from elements of an existing part.
  • Improved tracking ensures Noteoff of last MIDI output note when stopping and also during subhost/external VSTi auditing.
  • Fixed sound sometimes skipping with FL Studio and 'Fixed Buffer Size' unchecked.
  • Fixed limited tom and cymbal usage with external VSTi.
  • The timing of notes is now split into the feel timing (-47 to 47ms) and the time offset (1/48, 1/32 or 1/24 note).
  • Timing, Shuffle, Min Dyn and timeline sliders now operate smoothly.
  • When saving a kit, Jamstix 2 now warns if MIDI keys are not assigned, or are assigned more than once.
  • Improved GUI behavior when user is moving a knob while the part is changing.
  • When manually adding a note to the fill aspect of a non-fill bar, the bar is now automatically flagged as a fill.
  • Added 'Mute Accents' and 'Mute Fills' to song menu.
  • 'Power Hand' now offers 4 degrees of hihat opening instead of 2.
  • Added 'Remove' option to brain element context menu.
  • 'Reduction' logic now suppresses snares if song power falls below 20%.
  • Duplicate part names via manual editing are now automatically corrected.
  • Clicking 'Preview' now immediately previews the currently selected item.
  • Changing fills settings in preview mode now automatically updates bar editor display.
  • Hihat CC4 now works in drum module mode with 'Map GM' enabled.
  • 'Map GM' status is now stored in the song and not the kit.
  • When manually changing end crash and groove suppression on a fill, the settings will no longer reset to the defaults upon recomposition.
  • Notes in the bar editor created via drag-&-drop are now locked based on default locking choice.
  • Drummer models no longer remove locked events.
  • Controller selection via moving hardware now also works for non-brain controls.
  • Clicking BAR, GROOVE and FILL rapidly is now crash-proof.
  • Improved rhythm reduction logic.
  • Selecting a MIDI controller via moving hardware and then hitting ENTER works now.
  • Part edit window and MIDI mapper can now be closed with ENTER key.
  • Quickstart window can now be closed with ESC key.
  • Windows color schemes with white text are now properly handled.
  • Fixed bug causing all MIDI output to be set to channel 1 regardless of kit settings.
  • Fixed bar preview jumping to other bar in some hosts.
  • Fixed fill composing even on locked bars.
  • Fixed problem with some downbeat notes playing a bit early on systems with higher latency.
  • Fixed error when clicking in the bar editor in specific ways while host is running.
  • Fixed missing or dual MIDI key assignments in all kits.
  • Fixed brain menu not displaying when going from drum module mode to a jam mode.
  • Fixed 'odd drum icons' when importing JS1 fills that use the old tom bounce samples.
  • Choosing 'No Sound' on an already empty sound slot does no longer cause an error.
  • Having no style or drummer model will now still set the composition flag to avoid repeat comp cycles costing CPU resources.
  • Fixed reduced tom and cymbal usage in MIDI Out Only mode.
  • Fixed problem where accents were not cleared during accent recomposition.
  • Fixed channel 4 not automatically enabling when a kit piece is set to it.
  • Fixed various Liveloops issues.
  • Fixed baroffset logic for use with Logic 5.5.
  • Added visual bar offset option (for Cubase count-in offsets).
  • Importing a JS1 groove with shuffle now only sets the part (not the song) to its required settings.
  • MIDI import now truncates beginning silence greater than 80% of a bar length.
  • Changing import clip type on an existing import style part now properly initializes clip file dialog.
  • Manually placed fills are no longer removed when resizing parts.
  • Fixed issues when having sounds mapped to subhost without a DLL actually being loaded.
  • Fixed duplicate notes being copied by JS2 from core to non-core bars if they were locked.
  • When JS copies locked notes from core bars during composing, the copies are no longer locked themselves.
  • Fill length knobs now operate as percentage of bar length.
  • Fixed behavior of 'MIDI Quantize' button in Options screen.
  • Fixed default part being set to 1/4 time sig when using Cubase and 'Time Sig Changes' enabled.
  • Drummer habits can no longer remove locked notes.
  • Fixed 'note ghosts' left in bar editor when reducing composition in preview loop.
  • Limb check system now properly considers locked notes when determining necessary deletions.
  • When resizing parts or adding/removing part, existing fills are no longer recomposed.
  • Max core bars per parts has been raised from 16 to 64.
  • When loading a plugin DLL manually, you are now prompted whether you want all existing sounds to be mapped to the plugin. That way you do not need to manually change every sound.
  • Fixed error 105 when trying to open import style loader after done so previously and having previewed some files.
  • Fixed some Jamstix 1 rhythm inaccuracies.
  • Improved event time and velocity offset maintenance.
  • The bar editor menu option 'Lock Manually Created Events' is now recalled and also set by default.
  • Fixed pattern preview changing host lock status.
  • Fixed doubling of notes on beat 1 during part change when 'Time Sig Changes' are enabled.
  • Fixed problems with playback in 'Freeze' mode.
  • Improved MIDI drag-&-drop data quality.
  • Displays proper message if user tries to edit a bar past the end of the last part.
  • Fixed improper saving of 'Import' style data to project, which also resulted in long load/save times.
  • 'Quickstart' is no longer a separate window to avoid window Z order conflicts in some hosts when loading a fresh JS2.
  • Fixed 'phasing' on freeze playback.
  • Manual load operations that affect the brain (i.e. loading a part from disk) now properly refresh the brain display.
  • Bar editor edit width now properly adjust when using multiple time signatures in the same song.
  • Fixed no fills being generated with brush player at 100% drummer ratio setting.
  • JS2 no longer jumps to the foreground upon mouse move.
  • 'End Crash' setting for a fill is no longer overridden by default value.
  • Fixed samples loading to RAM when changing sounds with 'MIDI-Out Only' enabled.
  • Fixed freezing when doing a lot of fast previewing in sound load screen.
  • Fixed problems when having multiple projects using JS2 open in Sonar.
  • Fixed error when trying to freeze a song that uses a kit with dry (CS) sounds.
  • Fixed error when loading controller mappings on non-brain control.
  • Fixed error when trying to import a MIDI file with more than 8 bars via the IMPORT style.
  • Fixed incorrect limb name shown for snares and toms in bar editor tooltip under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed errors importing MIDI clips with improper pitch names.
  • Fixed immediate crashing in Nuendo on some machines.
  • Fixed error when clicking OK in MIDI Import screen without selecting a MID file.
  • Fixed problem when trying to use more than 10 parts.
  • Non-admin XP mode is now supported by adding NonAdmin=1 to [General] section of the jamstix2.ini file.
  • Added ini parameter to suppress panel mouse moving on Linux/Wine (BlockMouseMove=1).
  • Fixed external VSTi edit window being moved back when mouse moved over JS2 interface.
  • Fixed missing sound in FL Studio due to improper end-of-loop data sent by FLS.


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