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Signum S1100 Sampler available again (and it's free)


Signum has re-released the S1100 Sampler, a stand-alone sampler application for Windows that supports VST instruments and effects and DirectX effects. Once a commercial application, it is now available for free.


  • Supports DirectX and VST plugins with realtime control.
  • 16-bit 44,100 hz audio.
  • Piano module.
  • 8x8 MIDI-patchbay and MIDIfile-player.
  • AKAI CDROM reading capabilities (S1000 format only).
  • Multiple outputs support.
  • Up to 100 programs.
  • 99 keygroups for each program.
  • 4 samples for each keygroup.
  • Unlimited number of voices / polyphony (CPU dependant).
  • Realtime MIDI-controlled low-pass filter.
  • Velocity.
  • Pitch bend.
  • Pan.
  • Volume.


Discussion: Active
2 February 2017 at 11:42pm

Was there (is there?) a sample library for this? It has a menu that is fleshed out with dozens of sample categories, as if there were a complete library of samples.

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