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A new version of SilenceVST, build 2003.01.18, is now available for download.

Changes in this version include:
  • All Lua errors are now printed to the message panel, to help with debugging scripts.
  • The CsoundIIWU SoundFont player has been improved so that clicking no longer occurs in dense passages, at some cost in execution speed, and iiwusynth sources have been updated from CVS.
  • Csound sources have been updated to version 4.23.
  • Synthesis Tool Kit Sources have been updated to version 4.2.1.
  • An experimental version of Richard Dobson's phase vocoder, PVOCEX, has been added to SilenceVST. This works together with a new silence::WaveSoundfileIn instrument to enable musicians to analyse and resynthesize soundfiles, then mix them into performances, all within a single SilenceVST score. This code has not yet been tested.
  • A Windows build of Loris has been added to the SilenceVST project, in preparation for adding Loris to the SilenceVST language.
SilenceVST is a self-contained language for programming music and sound on Windows. A Linux version is in the works. SilenceVST runs from the command line, with a graphical user interface, or as a VST effect or synthesizer plugin. SilenceVST embeds Csound as well as its own software synthesis system. SilenceVST is user-extensible via C/C++ plugins or Lua scripts.

SilenceVST is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License, except for Csound code that it contains, which is copyright (C) 1986, 1992 by The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but freely available for research and educational purposes.

The next version of SilenceVST will completely embed Loris.


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