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Sonic Instruments releases S-Board 2.0 - Creative Modular Effect Plugin

Sonic Instruments

Sonic Instruments has released S-Board, a creative modular effect suite for macOS and Windows (Standalone/VST/AU/AAX).

Quote from their website:

S-Board gives you unlimited sound-shaping possibilities. Build your own signal chain by simply drag & drop the units onto the board, then patch in some modifier units to turn a static sound into an dazzling soundscape. S-Board can become your go-to mixing channel strip or your secret sound design weapon, it's all up to you.

S-Board comes with 7 stock modules:

  1. Acousma | Delay/Modulation: An analog tape delay. It gives you a wide range of delay time and feedback to dial in. Pair it with a modifier, tons of unusual effects await.
  2. Charger | Harmonic: A vacuum tube inspired tone shaper. Saturate your sound for extra color and warmth, or distort it relentlessly. Tweak with caution.
  3. Sweep | Filter: A classic ladder filter emulation. Do a nice and warm filter sweep, or pair it with an LFO for unpredictable auto-wah effects.
  4. Pressure | Dynamic: A musical and versatile compressor with optional sidechain input. Its soft-knee design and unique gain reduction curve excel at tightening things up and glue things together.
  5. LFO | Modifier: A beloved modifier. It acts like a robotic hand tweaking knobs for you following certain patterns. Connect it to a unit, a static sound becomes dynamic.
  6. Gain | Utility: A utility for gain staging. Don't let its simplicity fool you, plug in a modifier to its gain makes it a tremolo, or pan and it becomes an auto panner.
  7. Palette | EQ: A colorful EQ module. Its adaptive curves react musically to the cutoff frequencies and the amount of your boost/cut. When pushed hard, its tube amplification stage provides a warm and tube-y saturation instead of digital clipping.

Besides the stock units, there are two additional modules available for purchase:

  1. Bokeh | Bidirectional Reverb: bidirectional (forward & reversed) reverb module capable of creating extra ambient and dynamic. The "vibe" knob cycles through different reverb types, from small plates to lush halls or anything in between.
  2. dieRoboter | Classic 32-Band Vocoder: classic analog vocoder with 32 filter bands evenly distributed across octaves. Clear and articulated robotic voice is what it does the best.

S-Board is available now for US$79. Bokeh and dieRoboter each are available for US$59. A deluxe bundle is also available, includes all 9 modules with a price of US$158 (20%off).

Additional note for macOS users: S-Board is compatible with macOS 11 Big Sur, and it runs natively on Apple silicon models.




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