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Sound designers | Spectral Suite AudioUnit OSX version now available

Little Endian

Delaydots has released the Mac OS X AU version of the Sound designers | Spectral Suite.

The Suite includes:

  • Spectral Morpher the unique plug-in that works in the frequency domain and gives you possibility to completely alter the source stream according to another, loaded sample or side chan stream with different transformation modes.
  • Phat - is a bass exciter (based on subharmonic synth), used to excite and mix low frequency harmonic content.
  • Phat Pro an enhanced version of the Phat plug-in. Adds even more flexible controls on low frequency content. Ideal for Dolby Digital / DTS low frequency channel control.
  • PitchShift multiband - spectral pitch shifter that preserves the incoming signal's duration, and has adjustable pitch for each individual band.
  • daBomb - distortion device with two modes features physically modeled tube screamer simulating four different input circuits.

Phat Pro VST for Windows has been updated as well


  • Denormals bug fix + minor changes.


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