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Starplugs releases MoonClass v1.0


Starplugs has released MoonClass, an analogue modelling synth that uses "pd's" Cluster Oscillator which "splits partials of the displayed ground wave and gives this partial to different time slots". As a result you'll hear the sound of tons of slightly detuned oscillators (controlled by the detune knob) - turning a single knob can create hard electronic- Sync- and wide pad-sounds.

MoonClass has a Quantum Filter, a multi-mode filter with a 12-24dB/oct shape, and a four stage Phaser/Flanger. Each of the four stages has its own low frequency oscillator and you are able to fade infinitely variable from one to four Phaser stages.


  • 8 Voice polyphonic + classic voice architecture + mono mode.
  • 1 p.v. Cluster Oscillator + 5 modes / waveforms.
  • 2 p.v. Sub Oscillators + 3 modes.
  • 1 p.v. Noise Generator + with level controller.
  • 1 p.v. Quantum Filter + multimode (LP / AP/ HP) + Filter 12-24 dB/oct + self oscillation possible 1 p.v. Stereo Amplifier + with phase controller.
  • 1 global Stereo Phaser + four stage Phaser + cross mode + fade mode.
  • 1 global Stereo Delay + MIDI syncable + crossmode + freeze function.
  • 2 p.v. Envelope Generators + with shape controller.
  • 4 global Low frequency Oscillators + MIDI syncable + 8 waveforms.
  • 2 p.v LFO Ramp generators + keytrigger.
  • 64 Presets.

MoonClass costs EU€59.99 and a demo version is available.



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