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Steinberg Xphraze v1.1 released


Steinberg have updated Xphraze to v1.1.

New Features:

  • Samples can now be imported by dragging them into Xphraze' multi-sample mapper.
  • Sample import is supported also by dragging Cubase SX audio-parts (regions) into Xphraze' multi-sample mapper.
  • Rootkey information from filenames will be detected.
  • Rootkey can be assigned from within the multi-sample editor.
  • Samples can be dragged around to change their order as well as their mapping.
  • Additional MIDI controllers have been added, and will work as 'masters' for their respective MIDI channel (74 - Cutoff, 71 - Resonance, 20 - Joystick axis X, 21 - Joystick axis Y, 91 - Effect mix, 12 - Effect par3).


  • Improved performance for the use with all supported operating systems.
  • No need to "Create multi-sample..." any longer.
  • Improved file selector handling for Mac host applications not providing file selector options.
  • Sample import path gets remembered when reloading Xphraze or a project (except under OS9).
  • When loading patches, the midi channel gets ignored for easier creation of new combis.


  • Improved compatibility when using DXi wrappers/adapters.
  • All valid characters in DAT file path will be accepted now.
  • Switching between combi/patches no longer glitches.
  • Changing the midi channel of a patch no longer glitches.
  • Multi-sample information was not restored when loading songs.
  • Some controls were not refreshed in some cases.


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