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Steinberg offers the best tools for both aspiring and professional musicians, producers and engineers, being there for them throughout their journey in music and sound. We continue to invest in improving our internal infrastructure and a workplace culture that allows us to excel in catering for the needs of all areas of the company. We aim for a holistic approach to our product portfolio, that covers the entire workflow of music production. We deliver a complete service package around our products that truly sets us apart. Our Purpose is to deliver the best products and services to those on a creative audio journey.

Steinberg stands for quality and great service for those interested in recording, composing and producing music. Choosing us for the best audio experience available, our customers know and value the consistent product and service delivery that is the foundation of the trust between us. It defines our shared future and vision. Our Vision is for you to express your creativity with us.

Products by Steinberg

Latest reviews of Steinberg products

Groove Agent
Reviewed By Patchbaymic
April 10th, 2022

Since day one of the upgrade to groove agent 5 only select patterns or grooves actually make any play back noise or have signal. Seems to me like half of the maybe third of the beats that actually play are missing kick drum. Every time I start up the computer I don't know what I'm gonna get with groove agent could be a drum sound or it could just freeze up. I'm using a creation station computer from sweetwater seems to always have enough power for everything else I use it for except groove agent. I've spent many hours trying to figure out the play back issue only with GA do I have these issues. I've watched every YouTube video they have on line non are directed to this playback volume or signal issue. I would not recommend if you have other options check them out first.

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HALion Sonic SE
Reviewed By qazar39
January 8th, 2022

I think that this is a "free" product which needs to be licensed in a very complicated way.

Not for me...

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Reviewed By tomgron
November 11th, 2021

Tons of excellent sounds. Not on the level of Native-Instruments or Spectrasonics though but great value. Some of the samples, especially beats, seem a bit "oldish" but rest of the package (Halion, Groove Agent) really fill every need one might have. Not as comprehensive as Komplete from NI but doesn't have that much of overlapping sounds either.

Have been using Absolute 4 and now upgraded to 5. If you have Absolute 4, there might not be that much need to upgrade.

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Reviewed By felis
October 16th, 2021

Multiple synthesis methods, but still lacking dedicated FM. Decent spec sampling.

Good mod matrix including release velocity, but fx modulation would be a bonus.

A user library would go far to add extra appeal to draw in more Halion users and programmers.

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Reviewed By EnergyCrush
March 12th, 2021

Why does it mention nowhere on this page that this is a *32-bit only* product?

I've owned Sequel 3 for a few years now, and while I actually like the fast workflow, VST3 only support, and limited effects processing per track that helps me focus, it's 32-bit only support is incredibly frustrating, and users deserve to know this information up front - Steinberg does not make this clear up front, and after engaging with support multiple times, there is strong indication from Steinberg themselves that they will not ever make a 64-bit version of this product.

This meant I was not able to use some of my highly desired 64-bit only VST3 plugins at all.

Please update this information.

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Reviewed By smadger
December 3rd, 2020

Enormously flexible, but starting to show it's age a little now. Has great potential but missing some cutting edge features that are already incorporated into other Steinberg instruments, for instance the resynthesis engine from Backbone, the ability to split noise and tonal componants from Groove Agent, and then there's other aspects that I'd like to see that would make life easier within the UI, drag and drop modulation sources that are starting to become norm in many instruments would be really useful too.

If you're after soundpacks then Halion is pretty lacking in this area, Kontakt has pretty much cornered the market, so if that's what you;re looking for then I'd go with that. But if you want a powerful instrument that can handle all types of synthesis as well as being a solid sampler, with awesome integration for Cubase then this is a really good option. It can handle opening some older format Kontakt libraries, but I've not had much luck with much of these.

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HALion Symphonic Orchestra
Reviewed By Zig
October 27th, 2020

I purchased HALion Symphonic Orchestra, order number 215888648. I downloaded the download centre to download it. I use Win10, 64-bit.

My DAW is Reaper. I installed it. When opening Halion Sonic SE, a pop up says "no valid license". So, I downloaded the License Control Centre but it wants me to insert a USB stick. I don't have a USB licensey-stick thing. The eLicenser doesn't give me the option of using software activation on my PC. Instead, it tells me to contact Nexway to get a PC activation. Nexway says contact Steinberg. It's not their problem. They only take the money. The run-around continues. Also, I can't log in to register the software on the Steinberg page as the username and password THEY generated does not work. It would be really, really helpful if Steinberg would for once in their life provide one simple installation and activation process without confusing instructions, broken links and damaged passwords or mindless runarounds. I will never purchase a Steinberg product again. I work for a living and have things to do. I will seek a refund now.

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Dorico Elements
Reviewed By bagelfish
April 25th, 2020

I really didn't want to invest in another notation program. After trying the free version for a short time I realised just how quickly I could enter and compose scores. Elements does restrict some of the layout functions and the number of instruments. I am using the downloaded version which doesn't allow use on more than one computer. The electronic licensing felt a bit complicated but so far it has worked ok.

With any comprehensive program there is a learning curve but the logical design makes this fairly painless. I'm still learning but really enjoying the process. Somehow the controls seem to encourage experimentation during composition. Halion and the provided instruments produce a reasonable sound but it is easy to use alternative VST libraries.

I feel a further investment in the pro version, maybe to celebrate the lifting of lockdown.

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