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Sweetsonics releases Laser "Precise Sidechainer" for Mac & Win with Intro Offer


Sweetsonics has released Laser, a unique sidechainer tool with bit different approach.

Sweetsonics says Laser is the first sidechainer that can listen to the incoming sidechain signal and draw the opposite reduction envelope on that. With all the features included, it provides transparent and powerful sidechaining. It works perfectly with kick & bass, but also in many other scenarios. It also has boost.

Check out the videos how to preserve headroom perfectly, mix a fatter snare drum and create groovy synth pad.


  • Automatic Laser algorithm.
  • High quality filter design with dynamic phase.
  • Three individual bands.
  • Precise time focused controls for sidechain ducking or boosting.
  • Offset with dynamic latency.
  • Two signal detection modes for different applications.
  • Stereo, mid and side processing modes.
  • Quick controls for creating sidechaining musically.
  • Option to use without sidechain routing.

Available for Mac & Win (64-bit AU, VST3, AAX) with 21-days free trial.

Launch Sale: €59 (norm. price €79).

Intro Video: Introduction to Sweetsonics LASER: "Precise Sidechainer" Plugin



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