Jeff McClintock

A new stable beta version of SynthEdit has been released - v0.958.7.

Changes since v0.958.3:
  • Fixed error message when loading bitmaps from custom skin folders.
  • New Module available on modules page - Unison Fix. Provides work-around for CK_Unison modules (required by recent bug-fixes to MIDI-CV).
  • Soundfonts - "Scale Tune" parameter now supported (provides for non-standard tuning).
  • Fixes for VST plug-ins: Sampletank and discoDSP Discovery.
  • VST Nag mode fixed.
  • .sep Modules - Help option working again.
  • VCA - fixed bug preventing sleep mode in some synths.
  • ASIO - Fixes for SoundBlaster Audigy.
  • SDK - Fixed bug in seGuiHostSendStringToAudio.


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