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Tone2 Audio releases RayBlaster 2.8

Tone2 Audiosoftware

Tone2 Audio has updated their Impulse Modeling Synthesizer (IMS) RayBlaster to version 2.8. They say:

IMS is a radically different approach to synthetic sound generation. It creates its distinctive sound by overlapping many short bursts of energy to form a complex sound.

The update to v2.8 is available for free for all RayBlaster users. It adds native Apple M1 ARM support for Mac.

New features:

  • AudioUnit version supports M1 native.
  • VSTi version supports M1 native.
  • Help->'Show version info' displays the mode in which the plugin is running (ARM/Intel).


  • Much faster loading times on M1 Macs.
  • The native M1 support results in 20% lower CPU use compared to Rosetta2 Mode.
  • More responsive GUI on M1 Macs.
  • The ideal GUI size is detected automatically.
  • Several small enhancements.


  • Workaround for the 'unusual' designed audio architecture of FL Studio. It is not longer necessary to enable 'Use fixed size buffers' to avoid crackles.
  • Clicking on the stars in the patch browser did not always work when GUI was set to big.
  • Several small compatibility fixes for MacOS 11 and MacOS 12.
  • Workaround for Apple's unreliable AudioUnit validation. It is not longer necessary to reboot the Mac after an installation.


  • AudioUnit is now an AUv2 plugin.
  • AudioUnit and VSTi are now a Universal Binary for 64-bit Intel and M1.
  • Apple's development tools are unable to build 32-bit Intel binaries when you support M1.
  • Apple's Notarisation and the M1 support requires a MacOS version higher or equal than 10.11. If you still use an older version you must stick with RayBlaster v2.6.


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