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Tone2 Audiosoftware
www.tone2.com / support@tone2.com

About us

Tone2 is an independent company which develops innovative synthesizers with high-end sound-quality. We have a large number of customers all around the globe. We are experts in digital signal processing, acoustics, sound-design, computer-science and phonetics. We got more than 25 years of experience with the development of audio-software. We develop our own products, do our own research and license our technology to other companies. In addition, we offer jobs in sound-design to freelancers.
Good customer service is extremely important to us. We offer personal, fast and free support for our products. Our support-specialists use our products for themselves, so they understand the customer's problems and requirements.

Did you know that..:

  • Many chart-hits were produced with Tone2 synthesizers.
  • Our products won a vast number of awards.
  • Many famous producers use our synthesizers.
  • The soundtracks of several famous movies were created using our plugins.
  • Our innovative synths allow new sounds otherwise impossible.
  • We developed many renowned audio products, also for other companies.
  • Thousands of artists use our products

What's your benefit?:

  • Instantly get inspired by production-ready patches from professionals.
  • Spice up your tracks with a unique signature sound.
  • Save time because our products are reliable and efficient.
  • Save money by replacing expensive equipment.
  • All products offer high-end audio quality and low CPU requirement.
  • The intuitive user interfaces are easy to learn and fun to use.
  • We offer personal, fast and free support.

Products by Tone2 Audiosoftware

Latest reviews of Tone2 Audiosoftware products

Reviewed By gwenmollo
October 31st, 2021

I like all the synth, it's free and really good quality.

It have some nice presets, nice interface and the sound is very good.

I used it in a few tracks.

My versin is a 32-bits, maybe it have now a 64-bits version ?

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Saurus 3
Reviewed By lights
September 22nd, 2021

This is an absolutely fantastic synth with lots warmth and character.

The reason why I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars is because version 3 doesn't introduce enough changes to warrant a major update. It feels more like V 2.7 rather than a full blown V3. There are many requests and suggestions from users on the Tone2 forum that have gone unaddressed in this update.

Still the synth sounds great, (just as the previous version did) and it's easy and fun to program too.

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Saurus 3
Reviewed By esteve@corbera.cat
September 22nd, 2021

It's a great synth. Of the best there is.
Easy to use and with many presets to get started.
I love the Tone2 synths.

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Reviewed By YnJ
August 11th, 2021

I prefer this to Savihost as it is faster and more reliable, it does have it's limitation though, the most apparent it doesn't do VST3, but for just trying out a synth it's good enough. For 32-bit synths I would recommend the Minihost though.

If you're looking for something which can host more than one at a time I recommend the free version of Voltage Modular and use the stand alone as an VST host. Set up a preset with as many VST host modules as you want. It does VST2 and VST3, only 64-bit though.

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Reviewed By MJACau
April 25th, 2021

Vanguard/Slayer < Firebird < Warlock.

This synth is decades of work, so many useable pre-sets. A very useable "randomize" button that can just make good useable pre-sets for you on the fly.

The "filter" is just like on it's big brother Icarus, is perfect for 303 acid warping any sound very easily. It's such joy, FUN is great word to describe this synth.

I still see videos on Youtube about people getting nostalgic about how good Vanguard was back Ze day, and is no longer available. :(.

Warlock is here today, far more polished and useable.

Just get the demo and hit the randomize button and watch a whole afternoon disappear. :).

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Reviewed By Chipi
April 15th, 2021

Great synth, clean and analog sound if you want it, you can create some nice bass sounds and punchy leads and unique rich sounds. There are no pianos, no drums, no guitars, no acoustic instruments can be created except for some flute or something you can program and you cannot import wave-tables or samples. More than 2,000 sounds included, that's a lot! The effects are a bit disappointing, but Tone2 will surely be able to improve them in future updates, anyway, the clean sound without effects is fantastic and you can run it through the effects you normally use in any DAW. Electra's 2 FX are superior but Electra costs 100 bucks more. It has excellent oscillators material, no more than 84 and not all of them sound good but there are some great ones. There is no FX quantity control for each oscillator [ yet ], nor pan control, but there is the possibility to give it a 'mono' or 'stereo' setting with different configurations that sounds excellent. Analog quality 'sub' oscillators give a lot of body to some sounds and Waldorf/Virus/Moog emulations are possible and even surpass a good analog synth [super punchy fat analog basses and spicy leads]. The sound is 'in - your - face', bright, elegant and loud, and it could be also, dirty and sweet analog but be careful with the volume in some effect combinations can distort some times. There is no sound compressor and no equalization for now. The interface is impeccable, and well laid out. Hopefully it will incorporate 1000 more waves in future updates =).

I recommend it for anyone who wants to incorporate a great, big, fat and punchy sounding synth to their tracks, another awesome hit from Tone2! Impressive Synth! Long live Warlock ♥²

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Reviewed By MKUltra2021
March 1st, 2021

This plugin is phenomenal! The sounds are clear, and I recommend using it for arpeggios. There are also some really good retro presets to get your songs moving.

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Reviewed By Chipi
November 23rd, 2020

This synthesizer sounds better than synthesizers that cost 5 times more and I can get huge sounds better than from a Yamaha Montage or a Korg Kronos that you can barely visualize the display and navigating between editing pages is terribly difficult. With Electra v2.7 everything is on the plate served in front of me.

Impressive editing menu designed with criteria and knowledge of what the modern musician needs from a great synthesizer.

Version 2.7 has greatly improved the quality and audio of this great synthesizer. The four independent layers that can be grouped together creating warm and analogous sounds is impressive.

Hopefully they can improve somewhat the process of uploading samples and edit it with some window that can be detached from the original interface, and also improve the process of saving sounds as I have lost many that once saved when you 'upload' do not sound, simply dumb/silent/no sound, I think it must be a glitch or bug somewhere in the chain of saving under Windows 10.

Everything is on one page making sound creation simple and fast. It has a taste of analog but also a professional polished sound that makes it unique. Highly recommended.

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