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Tone2 has released the FutureElements Soundset for their 3D wavetables synth Icarus.

The set focuses on the popular and constantly emerging Future genres. Tone2 say it has a colorful palette of sounds, which can inspire.


  • 216 presets created by professional designers (Troels Nygaard & Markus Krause).
  • Colorful and modulating synth + chord sounds, catchy vocal-style leads, crisp bass and plucky sweet keys.
  • The patches contain new wavetables, waveforms and samples.
  • Dynamic sounds that mix the different types of synthesis. This results in a distinct and fresh, organic - synthetic hybrid type of sound.
  • The presets have interesting mappings for the modwheel.
  • Seamless integration into the user interface.
  • Very easy installation.
  • Uses the new features introduced with Icarus v1.5.
  • All sounds have been have been carefully normalized.
  • All sounds are properly programmed - they are 'not just samples'. This results in more dynamic expression and the highest possible sound quality.


This set will work best for Future Pop, Future Bass, Future RnB + Trap, Chillout, EDM, Kawaii and several house genres, but can come in handy in many other music genres as well.

Price: €29 / $39.

For more info visit:

MP3 demo:

For more info about Icarus visit:



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