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Toontrack updates Superior Drummer to v3.1.2

Toontrack Music

Toontrack has updated Superior Drummer to v3.1.2 (and sound library to v1.1.2) and announced that the Superior Drummer 3 Upgrade will be discontinued on December 31, 2018.

Changes in Superior Drummer 3.1.2


  • Shift+Space now works in DAWs to start/stop song track or tracker playback (if keyboard shortcuts are enabled in Settings).

Grid Editor:

  • Notes are now previewed when they are moved up or down using the keyboard.
  • CC nodes and Aftertouch blocks can now be copied through drag with Ctrl (PC) /Alt (Mac) pressed.
  • Shift-dragging CC nodes now keeps their position locked horizontally or vertically.
  • The drawing has been optimized to speed up the GUI.

Bug Fixes in Superior Drummer 3.1.2


  • Fixed the cause of random crashes that could occur after having used Search for Instrument before and after loading a Drums and Mixer preset.
  • Opening a project (and some other operations) could take a VERY long time when there were lots of notes or CC values on the song track.
  • Loading certain library presets having more than about 10 CPU cores should no longer cause a crash.
  • Having the MIDI Monitor open, SD3 could hang on certain incoming MIDI events.
  • If the beats in the tempo in Pro Tools had been set to something other than quarter notes, SD3 used to show the wrong tempo (when Follow Host was on). Also, during synchronized playback then, SD3 would randomly skip notes from its song track.


  • An auto-save no longer gets saved as soon as the setting is turned on or SD3 is opened/instantiated.
  • Auto-saves should no longer get saved with host name "Unknown" in certain DAWs but instead with the actual application name.

Song Track:

  • "Paste instrument notes" sometimes did not work properly after having loaded a project that used the same library that was already loaded before.
  • Follow Host is again on by default.
  • Improved metronome playback on sharp tempo slopes.
  • Dragging out MIDI from the song track sometimes just did not work.
  • Bar numbers were drawn incorrectly when the song track was scrolled past time signature changes.
  • E-drum CC curves were not correctly transformed when MIDI was dropped on the track.
  • Bounce now uses the current host tempo when Follow Host is on, instead of using the internal song track tempo.
  • The song track could miss to play certain MIDI notes depending on where the playback was started, due to rounding error.
  • The tempo display flickered during host-synced playback when rapid tempo changes on the song track were passed by.
  • The edge margin for resizing song blocks did not consider the window scale.
  • Fixed a graphical bug with the plus symbol when dragging a song block with Ctrl (PC) /Alt (Mac).

Drums Tab:

  • Clicking on an unmapped articulation in the MIDI Mapping box could cause a crash.
  • An unassigned stack could not be moved to an articulation.
  • Using the right-click menu for an added instrument to switch or remove the instrument could lead to a crash.

Grooves Tab:

  • On Mac, it wasn't possible to select a MIDI mapping preset for a user MIDI folder that had a backslash in the path.
  • The browser playhead could end up far before the start position when changing grooves.

Grid Editor:

  • Shift-clicking a note now adds it to the selection without deselecting others.
  • Deselecting all notes in the velocity editor now properly disables quantize controls.
  • Clicking on an unmapped note in the grid editor could cause a crash.
  • Dragging/moving the playhead on the song track or in the grid editor now moves the other playhead at the same time.
  • Inserting CC/AT values at block end time didn't expand the block. Also, values at end time were still treated as if they were inside the block in some cases, potentially leading to duplication of those events.
  • When "Show Note Length" in the grid editor is active, notes now have a minimum width so that they can no longer become invisible at some zoom levels.
  • Opening and closing the value editor menu in the grid editor no longer removes the text that describes what a selected aftertouch event is connected to.


  • Clicking on an empty track in Tracker after selecting New (project) from the File menu should no longer cause a crash.


  • Calibrating the e-drum hi-hat could render some hi-hat articulations unused.
  • E-drum presets have been updated so they now work better with libraries that do not have bow and bell articulations for crashes. Superior Drummer 3 Core, Rock Foundry, Roots and Music City will require minor updates for crash bow and bell articulations to play correctly.
  • Note Off velocities (0) are no longer transformed by the e-drum velocity transformer (if active), which could have caused doubled hits.
  • Tooltip values in the velocity transform editor were sometimes off by 1.
  • The "ignore hi-hat openness above/below value" algorithm is no longer applied if no velocity limits are set (as per default).


  • In the Mac standalone, it can no longer happen that the quit dialog appears when another modal dialog is already open.
  • Cancelling the quit dialog no longer quits the standalone anyway.

Fixes in Superior Drummer 3 sound library update 1.1.2:

  • Sound fixes.
  • Minor MIDI mapping changes for improved e-drum experience.


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