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VRSonic announces release of the SoundScape3D Spatial Audio API


VRSonic has announced the first release of the SoundScape3D immersive audio API for the Mac and Windows platforms. SoundScape3D provides a complete framework for modeling and rendering immersive audio, giving audio application and plug-in developers access to a powerful set of technologies for integrating immersive audio into their software.

SoundScape3D contains two separate engines for modeling and rendering immersive audio. Its modeling engine provides powerful sound animation controllers, fast scene geometry processing, and a new technology for designing and delivering animated audio objects. Developers can use the modeling engine to integrate natural ambiances, realistic acoustic simulation, and interactive audio into their applications.

SoundScape3D's rendering engine contains a configurable audio processing pipeline that lets it support a wide range of audio rending configurations including headphones and large speaker arrays.

SoundScape3D Features:

  • Auditory behavioral modeling with ViBe technology provides parameterized, behavioral auditory models for designing and delivering content based on animated audio objects.
  • Advanced sound animation with SoundNet, Random Sound Fields, flock motion, path motion, triggered emitters, and script control.
  • Physically accurate sound propagation modeling including:
    • Spherical directional source model.
    • Air absorption model compliant with published standards.
    • Physically accurate material absorption and reflection.
    • Perceptually accurate spreading loss model.
  • Multiple, concurrent listeners.
  • Occlusion and room modeling based on polygonal models.
  • Ultra fast geometry processing using advanced spatial subdivision algorithms.
  • XML based sound schema allows you to instantiate any SoundScape3D scene object from an XML representation.
  • Parametrically layered sample processing using multi-channel audio files.
  • Streaming emitters including ReWire devices and sound transmitted over IP networks.
  • Loudspeaker panning using Wave Point Sampling.
  • Binaural synthesis with customizable HRTFs.
  • Direct channel routing that directs each emitter to a specified output channel.
  • Dynamically reconfigurable audio rendering pipeline.
  • High quality floating point processing throughout the engine.
  • High quality sample rate conversion.
  • Support for low latency ASIO, WASAPI, and CoreAudio I/O.

SoundScape3D costs $4850 per seat/per title but will be released June 12th, 2012, with an introductory price of $2850 until July 1, 2012. It will be available for download from www.vrsonic.com.






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