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xoxos sets Syng2 FREE


xoxos has announced that Syng2 is now FREE (it previously sold for $25). To mark the advent of 2009, a poll was held to elect one xoxos payware VST as freeware. Syng2 was chosen.

Syng2 is a voice synthesizer which uses four band-pass filters to produce formants in any spectrally rich input signal, or using an internal oscillator. The phoneme can be selected on a second MIDI channel for precise timing of speech, or preset words can be triggered on a third MIDI channel.

Syng2 was designed as an intelligible, low-CPU voice engine for Breathcube 2. The articulation is intended to be more natural than other 'robot voices' using this method, with plosives slightly emphasised to be heard with music.

The full version of Syng2 for Windows (VST) can now be found at www.xoxos.net



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