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Zynewave updates Podium to v2.08


Zynewave has updated Podium to v2.08.


  • Added composite track feature, allowing for easier splicing of multi-take recordings. Composite tracks are handled similar to group tracks, where each take is a child track of the composite track. You can access the multiple takes from the events on the composite track. You can also expand the composite track group to make edits to the individual takes.
  • A track can be set as a composite track with the new "use as composite track" option in the track properties. A track can automatically be converted to a composite track when recording is started, depending on the multi-take setting in the preferences. The old loop-recording method of putting the recording track into a group track is thus no longer needed.
  • Hovering the mouse over an event on a composite track shows a take selection bar at the bottom of the event. Clicking the bar will cycle through the available takes. Right-clicking the bar shows a popup menu with all available takes.
  • Setting a take on a composite event will set takes with similar names on all selected composite events. This is mostly useful if the "use timestamp as name for new take events" option is enabled and you are recording from multiple audio inputs. All takes recorded at a given time can thus easily be selected across all composite tracks.
  • Soloing a take track in a composite track group will make the take play instead of the main composite track. Pressing shift+solo will solo the take track and unsolo any other soloed take tracks within the composite group.
  • Added "use as group track" and "use as composite track" options to the track properties submenu.
  • The "fade properties" dialog is renamed to "sound event properties" and is extended with an "event name" setting. This makes it possible to enter different labels for track events, even if the events links to the same sound object. Leaving the event name blank will display the sound name as in previous Podium versions.
  • Each recording session (or each recorded loop) can now be undone in a single undo step. The undo command will undo all created tracks and events. The edit is labeled as "Recording started at [time of day]" in the undo history. If you are manually editing the arrangement during the recording, a new record edit will be started after each manual edit, so that you can undo recording and manual edits in the order they occurred.
  • New sequence/sound events will be created if recording is started beyond the end of the current events on the track. Previously Podium would extend any existing events on the tracks.
  • Using punch-out during recording will no longer deactivate recording mode. This allows punch-out to be used within a loop during multi-take recording.
  • Reorganized the settings in the preferences dialog into new pages: Projects, Engine, Play/Record, Metronome, Plugins, Application.
  • Added new settings to the Play/Record page in the preferences dialog: "Stop playback when end of sound/arrangement is reached", "Deactivate record mode when playback is stopped", "Convert record enabled tracks to composite multi-take groups", "Delete oldest take when maximum take tracks is reached", "Use timestamp as name for new take events".
  • Added possibility to override the default Podium brushed metal texture. The preferences dialog has a setting for "panel texture image file" and an option for dyeing the image to match the panel color of the current color scheme.
  • Split the timeline ruler "zoom/slide" combined option introduced in 2.07 into two separate options.
  • Added more detail to the "save changes" message box that appears when loading a new project or exiting Podium.
  • Extended the number of vertical zoom resolutions in the piano roll region. The chosen zoom resolution is stored in the setup file.
  • Fix: The track solo changes introduced in 2.06 had the effect that bouncing the master would not produce sound if Automatic Solo was enabled on the bus returns.
  • Fix: Bypassing a mono device chained after a stereo device would only produce output in the left channel.


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