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Synth (Formant / Vowel) Plugin by BigTick

Angelina has an average user rating of 4.00 from 5 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for Angelina

Reviewed By Illusionist [read all by] on 5th September 2002
Version reviewed: latest on Windows.
Last edited by Illusionist on 5th September 2002.
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When I finally could download Angelina I was sold right away. It’s a so called one trick pony, cause it’s made for one purpose: Creating lovely, spacious dreamy pads. If you happen to know the classic album ‘Intrucion Dimension’ from F.U.S.E (Richie Hawtin), you now the sound I mean. Big Tick is very generous by making the demo almost full. The only things disabled are automation and patch saving.

I have searched for this sound for years, but always were stuck with samples. Big Tick made an an unique sounding synth with Angelina, I haven’t heard those sounds in a vsti up to date. The sound is so professional you could trick lots 'o' people by saying it’s a hardware synth (while only listening ofcourse :). That is also because the filter is not your standard low pass, but made out of formants. oooh, aaah, uuuh sounding choirs..(I don't know if I explain it the right way here, but that's how I see this synths structure) With the XY controller you can make very ‘living’ soundscapes.

So much for the sound: I found it absolutley great. But if you don’t like the choir-like basic sound, Angelina is not made for you. If you search for pads, check it out!

The two things on the interface I really like are the envelope and the XY controller. The envelope is easy to control and makes it able to make a long evolving pad. In combination with the XY controller you get massive control over time/sound. And this all in a beautifull interface...

Hmmm negative things? I can’t really think of one. Maybe more presets could be included in the full version.. Also the manual could be more detailed.

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Comments & Discussion for BigTick Angelina

Discussion: Active
3 August 2020 at 4:13pm

A great formant choir synthesizer. Super useful for airy atmospheric pads or creepy sounds. Pairs well with Crystal.

It is long since discontinued, but Big Tick released version 1.5 as freeware: https://www.bigtickaudio.com/downloads/Angelina-free.zip

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