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Brit Horns

Sound Module Plugin by IK/AMG

Brit Horns has an average user rating of 3.00 from 2 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for Brit Horns

Reviewed By Funkybot [read all by] on December 9th, 2002
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows
I got this one in the ST contest that IK ran a while back, thinking I'd take this to cover some of the ground I was missing in the brass department. The sounds aren't too bad, but not fantastic or mind blowing by any means. For the most part they are just passible, and even with clever programming probably wouldn't fool too many people into thinking you had a live brass section in with you. To be fair though, brass is probably the hardest instrument group to make sound real via sampling. As far as the samples go, you are limited to trumpet and alto sax as far as single instruments, and a few variations on the mixes. Neither one of these sound particularly great, but in a mix with some live instruments the solo instruments may sound real enough if you were just looking to just add a simple horn melody to a track, but I wouldn't expect much more from this library. The mixed sections are fairly mediocre, though having a few variations on the falls is certainly nice. If you're looking for a great brass library, I simply think you'd have to go for one of the more expensive libraries into your favorite sampler, as right now there is nothing else on the market like this. Considering the price of a good AKAI brass library though, I think this kind of falls in line with "well you get what you pay for" and may work well enough for those not looking for or who can't afford the expensive libraries.
Reviewed By bobb [read all by] on December 8th, 2002
Version reviewed: ST LE on Windows.
Last edited by bobb on 8th December 2002.
I thought I could get something out of this Sampletanklibrary, but belive me, this is under average. There are one sax patch, that sounds good, but with almost no playability. The brass sections are not balanced, too much or too little of the different instruments. 2 trumpet patches actually can be used, but thats about it. (I bought it for the muted trumpet)

I bought Sonic Implants brass soundfonts, and play them thru the Jeskola XS-1. A more flexible and better sounding sollution.

BTW, I'm not saying something about the Sampletank eneging, since that has been covered enough on the ST rewievs. (It's actually good)

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