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Cobalt Saphira

Harmonic Shaper Plugin by Waves

Comments & Discussion for Waves Cobalt Saphira

Discussion: Active
5 September 2015 at 12:09pm

Good Day All, .

Okay, so *some* folks have to be using Waves' Cobalt Saphira by now... as much as I do like some of their plug-ins (not their cost model for updates) I have been "burned" by a plug-in or two because of lack of meticulous reviews by THE customers without interference from moderators, salespeople, etc... that lurk in the darkest corners of KVR. Heh, it's a job I guess though, right?

Anyways, could someone please (PLEASE) provide a thorough review of Cobalt including ease of use, pros/cons, the effect that *you* perceive it is having on the track you are using it with? I know perception is subjective but I would still like to try and obtain some insight into the plug-in prior to potentially getting "burned" again. Sometime Waves creates great products, sometimes they create products that add such subtle changes, that even to a trained ear, leave one wondering what the ultimate impact of said plug-in has had on the track.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Add'l PC details below with added insights that I am *hoping* other people will emulate so that *everyone* will understand a user's set-up better:

Cubase Pro 8 v8.0.20 / WIN7 Home Premium SP1 / x64 / i7-4770K @ 3.5 GHz / 32.0 GB RAM (16 Usable)

Windows Experience Index 5.9 - Due to poor Primary Hard Drive transfer rate.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 645 (may be a huge problem why my PC is having issues implementing some plugins. I.e. CPU vs GPU.)

Software: Many.

Hardware: Few (Two) - Virus TI2 (not "integrating" properly, currently in-contact with both Steinberg & Access Virus) and, .

Novation Bass Station II (Awesome!)

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