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Compressor Plugin by Klanghelm
23 €

DC8C has an average user rating of 4.75 from 4 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for DC8C

Reviewed By Brother Charles [read all by] on 20th April 2012
Version reviewed: 7 x64 on Windows.
Last edited by Brother Charles on 28th November 2012.
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I've demo'd many freeware compressors, a few commercial offerings, and a few payware compressor VSTs. It should also be noted that I'm not typically one of the average impulse buyers who falls for every blurb of hype that surrounds any new release, upgrade item, etc.. That being said, I will state right off the top, that thanks to the good sense often shared by my KVR friends, I've acquired a couple of new VST plugins that I am very, very thankful for. The first, was the excellent TB Barricade brickwall limiter. It is now THE ONLY limiter that I use.

Next, I also bought TB ReelBus. I haven't as much use for that one, but still, it's very good and I do use it tastefully on a few channels. (*hint* - it does wonders for horn/brass sections). However, I'm an ardent admirer of Bootsy's plugins and I really like Bootsy's FerridTDS for effecting a nice, believable "analogue" vibe on a track.

Now then, the topic at hand is Klanghelm's recently released DC8C. In a word, this compression plugin is terrific! Its clear, clean, sound quality, attractive interface, and efficient programming all point this excellent plugin all the way to the top of my home studio's "GO TO" shelf. The transparent, manageable compression settings are an absolute pleasure to work with.

If I may, I'd like to describe this compressor's transparency quality as "invisible". Simply describing this highest-quality compressor as 'transparent' is actually an understatement. There will surely be many other forum members who can more aptly detail the character-shaping capabilities of this plugin, but I am extremely impressed with its ability to remain "invisible" and incredibly "clean". The oversampling capabilities of this plugin really help to keep your tracks at an optimum level of quality.

Very acceptable CPU consumption is another nice benefit of using this high quality compressor plugin. Even at 4x oversampling, my Intel i3 2330 only uses 1 or 2% more CPU. At 2x, which is still a great quality improvement over a non-oversampling setting, the CPU consumption is negligible.

I record and perform Gospel music and thus clean sound is really important. Folks involved with jazz and country are often especially concerned about keeping crystalline vocal tracks intact too. I keep some 'grit' on electric guitars, Wurlitzer, Rhodes, and Hammond sounds, but I like to keep vocals, bass and acoustic instruments super-clean and transparent. DC8C does this exceptionally well. I can honestly say that I have never heard a 'cleaner' compressor. Enabling the "smooth" function and the "S Curve" for even more subtle transient control is nothing short of stellar. The "amber" colored (lite) Saturation setting really adds a wonderful sonically-rich, classic FET compressor feel. This compressor "glues" my vocal tracks into the mix better than any other software compressor that I have ever used.

*Bro. Charles Quick Tip*

"In your vocal track's signal chain, follow the DC8C with Sonimus SonEQ or OverTone's PCT-2A. Oh yeah, classic 'analogue' sonic beauty to be heard, baby!"

I can't recommend this beautiful piece of software highly enough. It is well worth your next week's coffee money.

I really enjoy supporting independent developers who produce quality products and conduct their 'business' with honor and integrity. I've observed these qualities with ToneBoosters and now Klanghelm.

Some of my favorite developers providing affordable (or free) products at very affordable prices and very high quality.



Precision Sound



Variety of Sound (Bootsy)

Antress (Modern effects)





Martinic (Combo V/F Organs)

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Comments & Discussion for Klanghelm DC8C

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8 May 2015 at 1:13pm

No Doubt, It is a amazing compressor.

I have tons of other compressors.

But I'm sure it has definitely top-notch sound. One of the best compressor, IMO, .

DC8C has a lot of parameters. For the bright side, Yes, It is absolutely versatile.

But, On the other hand, It is not so easy learning how to handle this monster.

For those who has difficulties to handle a lot of knobs, parameters DC8C has a 4 easy mode so that one can use it as usual compressor.

And I have to say about tony's support for his customers.

When I asked what is next your upcoming product (After his Vari-mu comp), He answered 'It is not time for publishing new toys, But It is time for maintenance.'.

I was a little bit shocked.

Both Quality of Products and Customer service are top-notch!.

4 September 2015 at 7:11am

i agree it's a bit of an odd company but what quality devices....i mean this stuff is top-notch and for the money (?) it's absolutely crazy. some of the best-looking gear also...if that means anything...and hell yes it does.

28 December 2017 at 10:40am

A absolutely agree.

Tonis Instruments are incredibly good in usabilty, sound, visual design. They are constantly updated and maintained.

The Customers service is excellent.

The value for the money aspect could put some other developpers ashame.

Thank you Toni. / Cheers.

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